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Military Working Dog Fast Facts

Iraq and Afghanistan have approx 1,200 dog teams in action at one time. When war dogs are in the operation, the IED detection rate jumps to as high as 80%.

IEDs are responsible for more than 50% of coalition troops and dogs killed in action.

More than 1,300 dogs from each service branch are trained at Lackland AFB (341st) annually for patrol and bomb/drug detection.

The Belgian Malinois' (the only dog bred by th DOD program) bite exerts between 400-700 pounds of pressure per square inch.

A dog's sense of smell (olfactory ability): Dogs have 220 million scent receptors - 44 times more than humans.

MWD CARLO with USAF TSgt. Muccitilli & Sgt. Batta found 167 explosives and caches in 60 days March,1991 in Iraqi bunkers. A record!