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Emails from the Sandbox

1 June 2016

Hello Gail!

Thank you so much for the AWESOME package you sent us!

I am going to take Griff and Luna a bath today with that fantastic soap you sent! And those cooling bandannas are too cool!!!!!!!

Matt joked and said that the care packages you send Griff are his retirement paycheck :) So true!!!

Again we are blown away by your organizations support. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


The Bakers

24 May 2016

Thank you so much US War Dogs Association! You guys are such an amazing organization. The things you guys do to help take care of k9 teams while deployed and for the handlers and k9s after retirement means so much to all of us. Thank you for posting this picture of Ttaylor and I. It is one of my favorites of us together. I will never forget all the care packages that were sent over to us and how much we appreciated everything so much!! Looking forward to having her back and spoiling her rotten!!!!

Tom H.

11 May 2016

Hello Gail,

This is Tom H. We were in touch a few years back when I was deployed with my canine partner TTaylor. I wanted to email you and let you know that we will finally be back together the first week of June. Her retirement papers went through and ttaylor home to me in Idaho. I;m very excited about getting her back we have been apart for almost 3 years now. Its like a piece of me has been missing and Ill be whole again when i get her back.

Just wanted to let you know. I know how much you enjoyed seeing pictures of us.

Thank you again for all the support you gave us while we were deployed and everything you guys do for us.

Tom H.

25 April 2016


First of all things thank you for the autographs. I'm always a fan of any autographs. Also, I remember watching lassie. A few years back me and my brother was just sitting around thinking what happened to that kid that played in that movie. So awesome. Thanks again.

I'd like to take a moment to welcome Jon to US War Dogs. I think that's he's an awesome addition to have and I'm happy for you. I was so young watching the Lassie show with my brother and grandma all the time. I've never thought that I'd hear from him again since the show ended and we don't ever hear from any celebrity at all. That's so awesome.

Thanks again Gail, you're so awesome and I always hope the best for you.

RH –Iraq US Embassy for BESF

7 April 2016

Good morning Gail,

Thanks again! We appreciate your support!


ME1 C H U.S. Coast Guard
Canine Explosives Detection Team

27 March 2016

I don't know if you remember sending a card to me just under a year ago about Military Working Dog Breston who passed away due to medical issues at Scott AFB, IL. I was his handler and he was my first partner at that time before I switched over to a different partner. I just wanted to say Thank you for your card you sent when you found out. I wasn't able to reply or email you back and I am sorry it took so long. I just wanted to let you know that your card didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. It's nice to know that other members of the LEO community look at our partners the same way we do. Just wanted you to know that I have have a new partner (Uulster) he is a 2 year old Mal he's Patrol/Explosives detection.

Again thank you for the card and thoughts and prayers during that time. I hope you stay safe on the road and keep your head on a swivel.

SSgt David Y. Military Working Dog Handler

15 Dec 2015

First and foremost I would like to apologize for taking so long to send this out to y’all. On behalf of all the handlers of the 332d, the SPMAGTAF and their four legged partners:

Merci beaucoup
Muchas gracias
Tapadh leibh
Mahalo nui loa

We are all extremely grateful for all the AMAZING care packages you and the wonderful organizations you belong to have sent support us and our four legged companions! As some of y’all may have heard when we got to our deployed location, there wasn’t much here in the way of support or amenities and the kennels had just been stood up … we were a facility or two from being a “bare base” most our facilities and support functions operated and continue to operate out of tents and the majority of us live & shower in tents. All the wonderful packages y’all have sent helped us to miss home a little less and brought a tremendous amount of comfort and cheer and made being here much more bearable! Some of y’all asked for lists of what they enjoyed the most so we took a few polls and the winners are listed.

Kong Squeeky Balls
Venison Sausage Links (really they enjoyed ALL the treats, but the venison sausage links were their favorites … I even had a couple handlers that tried to eat them!)
Vibram Booties
Tennis Balls
Nature Miracle Shampoo (this was really great for our dogs with sensitive skin)
Furminator Deshedding Tool

We can most certainly tell that everyone put a substantial amount of thought and effort into each of the care packages we received!

We can’t possibly convey how very much we appreciate each and every one of you and the organizations you represent!

the pictures couldn’t fit all of the items that y’all so graciously sent, but please know EVERYTHING y’all sent was very much appreciated by the handlers and dogs alike! Our time here is coming to an end, but please know that all of your support has made it much more bearable!

Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring joy to your heart and warmth to your homes!

The handlers of the 332d MWD Section

10 Dec 2015


Thank you so very much for your generosity by sending Griff a wonderful care package.

We are very grateful for people like yourself and War Dogs Chapter 1 looking out for us.

I wasn't sure if you were aware that Griff is a retired MWD that my husband and I adopted when they came back from deployment in June 2014. I know when my Husband and Griff were deployed last year they loved the packages that were sent and it brightened their days. Thank you all for that

Thank you so much again Brandon!

Very Respectfully,

M Baker

29 Nov 2015


Everything here is going well. Our dogs are doing great especially since the weather is cooling off. Thank you for the continued support!

Thanks, SSG H

8 Nov 2015


Just wanted to say thank you again, for all the endless support that you give us while we are all out here in Korea. It means a great deal to us all with the amount of goodies that you send for us and our companions. The dogs love the gifts and toys/treats just as much as we love everything. It all gets put to use out here because we are limited in what we can get from the states. Its people like you that keep us afloat and supported through it all and we are forever thankful.

Kunsan AB, ROK Kennels

3 Nov 2015

Greetings To All,

My name is Staff Sergeant Jonathan B. I am the Kennel Master for the Military Working Dog Detachment at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and appreciation for all the care packages that your organizations have sent to our handlers. It's always a good feeling when Soldiers receive packages from home, but to know that there are organizations and Americans out there that support our cause is absolutely incredible. It's very assuring to know that there are Americans like yourselves that truly care about our Soldiers fighting the War on Terrorism and are in our corner no matter what. The packages that you send provide morale boosts and brighten the spirits of our Soldiers during these difficult times. I wanted to personally thank each and every one of you for your unwavering support to our cause and it's the support from you that helps us accomplish our mission. I have enclosed a photo of our dogs for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for everything that you all are doing and God bless you all!

Very Respectfully,

JB SSG(P)/USA Kennel Master

16 October 2015

Ms. Snyder,

On behalf of all the MWD Handlers stationed here, Thank You! We greatly appreciate the gifts, snack and dog gear you provided. Once again thank you so much for your support!

Very Respectfully,


13 October 2015

Hey Gail!

Just wanted to say thank you again for the care packages we received last week. I posted pictures on the facebook page wall and feel like it just didn't do the justice as to the amount of appreciation we have for you all that send stuff our way. The blankets, treats, toys and equipment all mean a lot to us handlers and our companions. Thank You again for all that you guys do for us!


28 September 2015

Hey Thank You!

I received the first shipment of packages for a total of 17 so far. They are wonderful and being put to good use. By the time I received your email response I had already opened the packages and dished out the items for the other handlers. The equipment is all going to go to good use especially the furminators, kongs and collapsible water bowls. Those items are used daily by us. The next order I will make sure to take pictures and post it on facebook so I can tag you guys in the post. Thank you for your undivided support to all of us.


22 September 2015

Hey Gail!

Thank you for the awesome care package that we received. The shirts were a hit amongst the kennels! Everyone got one and loved them especially the designs. We love shirts because we can always use and represent out career field whether we are at work or off in the gym. Do you guys happen to have a facebook page? The other hanbdlers were trying to tag you and say thank's to show all of our appreciation. Thank you again and we are all looking forward to the care packages you mentioned in the card you sent. I'll keep you posted.  

Thanks for all your support from all of us as the Kunsan AB Kennels!

19 July 2015


 I received your care package today and just wanted to sincerely thank you for everything your organization does for deployed MWD teams. Duke was thrilled with the care package and is chewing the heck outta the nyla bone as I type this. I don't have my camera on me at the moment but I will make sure I get some photos of him soon and send them to you. Duke is a 4yr old German Shepherd and has the absolute best personality I could as for... He's a real worker and loves his job, and sure makes everyday a good one for me.

I am stationed out of Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. If you or any of your team members every make it out that way please let me know and we will welcome you into our kennels and let you meet all of our pups!  Once again, thank you so much for everything!

Brett J and MWD Duke V159

12 July 2015


I do apologize for not sending you an email with our forwarding address! We have moved locations, also our group will be departing within the next couple of weeks. There are 4 Marine MWD teams assigned here as well as another group of 6 inbound teams. If you still wish to send packages the address is as followed..

Thank you for all your support and wonderful packages throughout this tour, all handlers and MWDs have loved them! Your support is very appreciated!


8 July 2015


Hello! Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you. I have attached a few pictures of NNicholas and myself. We recived the package with the t-shirts. We don't have anyone to fit the 3 XL but the other shirts have owners. NNicholas is happy with his treats. I hope you  enjoy the pictures . Thank you for your support.


SSgt Brian T and MWD Nnicholas

18 March 2015 received 3 July 2015


My name is Alexandra S and I recently received 7 boxes from your organization for myself and my fellow handlers here at the 405th ESFS!   A thank you is not enough for all those wonderful gifts we received both for us and for our MWDs. Every item that comes out this way is appreciated and allows us that little piece of home. So a huge thank you goes out to yourself and your wonderful group for helping us deployed handlers and MWDs!  Here are some pictures as well :)

3 June 2015

Dear Shirley,

Thank you for the sending a wonderful care package. My MWD Nnicholas will enjoy the treats and toys. The blanket was really nice and something I will hold on to for a long time. I do not have any pictures available to send but when I get off work I will send some. Thank you again for your support.


SSgt Brian T and MWD Nnicholas

10 May 2015

Hello Gail,

My name is Dan Smith and you and your org sent out a bunch of great care packages for our MWDs. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do so. We are at the hub here in Afghan so the stuff we have will be shared with all the MWD teams that roll through during their time here. Again  thank you and here is a couple of pics. My MWD is named Alex and the guy on the left is SPC. Pegram with MWD Lisa, SSG Baumgarth took the photos. Have a great day.

1 April 2015

Yes! We did recieve 2 care packages for Harley. Yall are too kind. Her favorite of all was the squeaky balls and huge tug rope.

TSgt Michael J. 

16 March 2015


We received Griff's Care package today and we are so very thankful to the gentleman who sent it. It will never cease to amaze me by the amount of support you all have shown us. We also received his medication today. He will begin it on Friday after his vet appointment.


The Bakers! SGT Matthew & MWD GRIFF & Family


3 March 2015

We got both packages Basco went nuts!!! I've attached pictures and a video please Thank Mr Edwards!!

Tony & BASCO


18 November 2014

Gail, thank you for all you have done, helping Brandon Sanford and MWD Rexo, keep doing what your doing, AWSOME

RON JACKSON -American Legion Post 106 – Redlands, CA

14 November 2014

The US war dog association #1 sponsored me and Basco during the 4 years we spent in Afghanistan. I'm finally home had to come to get surgery in my shoulders and other things, then in May of this year Basco was retired and came home too. Just wanted to say Im very thankful for what your organization did for us while deployed and now at home.

Again Thank you

Tony V and BASCO

1 September 2014

Hi Gail,

So let me first apologize for the lapse of time since we last spoke! As you can imagine we have been pretty busy as usual. I'm actually writing to tell you that things are coming to an end out here for us and we'll all be stateside by the 1st of September. All 4 of our EDD's are being adopted by us! Myself and Luke (another handler out here) will be the first to leave with our dogs. Should be an interesting trip! So far we have scheduled a civilian Ariana airlines flight from Kandahar, Afghanistan to Dubai, UAE; the dogs will ride in the belly of the plane for roughly a 2 1/2 hour flight. Once we land in Dubai is where things become tricky as dogs are very much frowned upon in the local culture. Best case scenario; we land and go through custom and hopefully find our dogs in the luggage carousel area, from there we will have to load the dogs onto a trolly then flag down a cab big enough for us and 2 dog crates to drive us over to the other terminal so we can then get out boarding passes for the next leg of the trip and go through the security process with dogs on leash as we will have checked the empty crates through to our final destination. And we will have to do all that transit process in less then 2 hours! If we're succesful the dogs will then fly at our side on the Delta flight from Dubai, UAE to Atlanta, Georgia for the longest 15 1/2 hour flight of our lives! From there Luke and I will say our goodbyes and go our separate ways to catch the next leg of our trip after about a 4 hour layover in Atlanta, Georgia. This should be the most interesting trip I'll ever take! So please wish us luck!

A couple days later, the other 2 handlers and dogs will be following suit flying the same route. So basically Myself and Luke are the guinea pigs. But, if all goes right, all 4 dogs will be safe and sound on US soil. I wanted to say thank you again for all the effort you put forth for us and your amazing contributions to the k9 family out here. I wish you all the best!

James Herman

11 June 2014

Hi Gail, Thank you so much for Andrew and Dakota's plaque and medal, Dakota will wear it proudly on his collar. The blanket is beautiful too. Also to let you know since Andrew got back from his year tour in Afghanistan they sent him to Louisiana, Ft. Polk he is instructing troops on the role of the dogs in the field. I couldn't be more proud of him. Again thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in being a special person in my sons life as a soldier. Take care......Love Debra

6 June 2014

Thank you for the support, we're doing good.

your donations are still greatly appreciated down there

Chris & Vito

23 April 2014

Hi Gail, my name is Debra Westover , my son Andrew is in the US Army.Andrew is a bomb dog handler, stationed at FT. Bragg North Carolina. He has recently returned from a year over their with his dog Dakota. I have been making a scrapbook for Andrew of all his time since he has been in the army, he recently handed me all, which was numerous letters you had sent him during his deployment he had saved. He told me about all the packages you had sent him and his dog Dakota, and how much they meant to him.Im glad to say Andrew has done two years over in Afghanistan and returned home safely both times. I've read the letters you sent to him and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking of him and his dog. All these letters he has saved will go in his scrapbook, for in years hopefully he can reflect back what a comfort they were to him while he was in Afghanistan. I'm sure he isn't the only soldier you send to, but for the ones that haven't wrote back, your kindness hasn't gone unnoticed. Again thank you for your time, generosity and kindness not only for my soldier but for many others and their dogs.

15 April 2014

We just received your packages. Thank you soo much!!  So happy to have everyone looking out for us.

Matthew W

29 March 2014

Director Snyder,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful package full of goodies. I received about a week ago or so and I haven't been able to write you till now, I apologize its been pretty busy where I am. The goodies were great, Vito and I both enjoyed them. I appreciate your support of not just Vito and I but MWD teams around the globe. Organizations like yours makes being here just a little bit better. I've included a couple photos of Vito and I from an Operation we were on not too long ago, I hope you enjoy them and thank you again.


Chris J

24 March 2014

Hi Gail,

Just wanted to drop you a line and give you an update on everything.

We are still out here in Kajaki working daily and our work load has increased more and we're actually doing more mobile missions clearing routes and roads that have suspected Taliban activity. So we are on top of our game out here to stay ahead of the enemy.

I also wanted to say thank you for all the care packages! I noticed more came. The support yall are giving us is tremendous and we can't say thank you enough! I will try and grab my Iphone and snap some shots during our next mission so you can see us in action! If there is anything else you need please let us know.


James H

20 Feb 2014


Luke and Thank You for evrything you send us ut's awseome

Thank You Luke

E.D.D. Handler
Kajaki, Afghanistan

16 Feb 2014

Dear Gail,

Thank you for all your support and the time you take to think about us over here. Here is an attached picture of TSgt Rosario presenting me and MWD Csuma with the MWD Service Award. Thank you and have a great day.

Adam & Csuma

15 Feb 2014


We recieved the package of dog booties, kongs and kong holders today. Thank you very much for sending the items they wil definetly be used. I would also like to thank you for the past packages that War Dogs Association have sent us when we were at Dari Junction and here at Kajaki Dam. Your support is very much appreciated.

Matt K
Kennel Master
Kajaki Dam, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

15 Feb 2014

Hello Gail,

Here are the pictures from the medal presentations. Max and myself should be leaving here within a week. Thank you again for all of your support for the teams here and abroad.

Brett and Max

13 Feb 2014

From a MWD Handler’s Mother~

While Robert is deployed.

Did you get my previous message about how much he loved his box you sent him and Britt? He said the other guys loved theirs too. This was before Christmas.


3 Feb 2014

Hi Gail,

I was just about to write you. I also received a couple packages from Paul so if you can him thanks from me and Max. We should be heading home in a couple of weeks. Again I want to thank you for all your support.

Brett and Max

1 Feb 2014

Name: James S, SSgt, USAF
Subject: Care Packages
This message is for not only Chapter 1 but for a good man named Paul Edwards. Mr. Edwards has sent me a couple of packages on my tour in Korea and it has made a world of difference. I am wrapping up my tour shortly and it is nice to know when we are out here doing what we do that there are people like Paul out there thinking about us and doing their part to make things easier on us. Thank you so much to Paul and the entire US War Dogs organization.

1 Feb 2014

Hi I received all your Christmas a new yeas boxes thank you so much for all the packages, I will be leaving this month to go back home for good but if you want to continue sending boxes out here the guy replacing me is Nathaniel he wild have a lab just like mine but black. Thank you for all you do for us here.


Dakota and Andrew

18 Jan 2014

Good Morning guys!

So we just had a helo come into our site and there was a massive mail call for all the boys and we received 4 care packages from USWardogs! All the boys came over to my hooch and we opened them together and they were all amazing! I can't thank yall enough! I didn't expect so much awesome stuff!  Rest assured that the pups will be spoiled and we will use all the gear that was sent and the medical supplies will be put into an emergency bag and into our personal go bags should we ever need them. 

We will take some pictures and get them sent out asap! Thanks again!

p.s. I have cc'd the kennel master and the 2 other handlers on this email so yall will have their email address's as well.

James H

18 Jan 2014


I would like to Thank You guys so much for the Support and Generosity from The War DOG Association, Chapter 1. You guys are great and an Outstanding organization. Also WD Couma will be coming home with me in March, she is as of now officially Retired but she will go home in March with me.

Thank You,

Luke Z

12 Jan 2014

All is well on this end. We're anxiously awaiting arrival of the packages you mentioned! And we are all set as far as necessities for the dogs out here, I'm sure they will absolutely love and enjoy whatever surprises are coming their way.

We will be getting our Kennel Master back on site in a few days so we should get back to a relatively normal routine. Will be nice to be fully staffed again with all the support we need.

Thanks for checking in on us. I'm told there may be a helo on Monday and we're all hoping for a mail call! I'll keep you posted.

James H

9 Jan 2014

I am in awe that you sent 4000 packages last year. That is truly amazing and something to be proud of for sure. I can personally tell you how much they mean to the handlers. Thank you so so much!

Ryan M

9 Jan 2014

Hello Gail,

I just wanted to say that Max and I received all of your packages and the package from Paul. It definitely brightens the day and we can't thank you enough. I hope you had a good Christmas/New Years. Ours was interesting and hectic to say the least. Now we are on the downward slope and counting down the days until our departure which should be sometime late next month. We (the kennel section and MWDs) will be taking a photo tomorrow (Thursday) morning so I will email that to you once I get it. Again, thank you so much for your support. Max and I really do appreciate it.


5 Jan 2014

Hi Gail,

10 boxes! That is too much! We're lucky to have you in our corner, that's for sure!

I think we're all covered here on the ground, just keep sending thoughts and prayers to the McCubbin's family as they are going through a lot and it is surely overwhelming.
Here on the ground we're doing just fine. Staying busy with rotating guys in and out . On the K9 side of things Luke will be certifying on a new dog within 2 weeks. We are retiring EDD Couma and she will actually be flying to the States sometime in March to live her life to the fullest with Luke and his family. We will be getting all her working dog dog papers and vet certs up to date and she should be homeward bound with no complication/quarantine. So that's exciting news. That will leave us with 4 dogs here on ground, with 3 handlers and 1 kennel master and we should be here for the next 2 years. 

We really do appreciate all the help and support from yall back home. It means a lot and we can't wait to see the packages! I will get with the boys and see if we can't get you some more photos so you can show us off to everybody ;) Thanks again for everything!

James H

30 Dec 2013

Hi Gail,

So I thought I would drop you a line and update you on things. We are still operational and actually have a new mailing address that I will give you at the end of this email. We are operating in the Kajaki District of Helmand province securing the Kajaki Dam power plant which control electricity for most of southern Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan and Iran. We currently have 5 dogs on site and all are happy and well! We operate with 3 dog teams and 1 kennel master. So work is going well.

I also wanted to say thank you for the package you sent . And unexpected! So thank you very much. Anything you can send and continued sponsorship is most appreciated!

I look forward to hearing from you!

James H


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Thank you for the wonderful gift box, I received it today (Christmas) of all days. It was such a wonderful and thoughtful present to give to our kennels and we are truly grateful for all the coffee, dog brush and toy. Thank you to everyone at US War Dogs for all yall do for the deployed dog teams!


Loren & Atak

This is one handlers and his pup Jeck who benefited from your generosity; thanks again!

21 Dec 2013


Storm and I would like to thank you for the care package and for lifting our spirits during the holiday season. Just wanted to share with you some information about Storm. This is his second trip to Afghanistan. He's a 9yr old Golden/Lab mix.

Scott A
Staff Sergeant, United States Army
Senior Working Dog Handler

18 Dec 2013

How are you these days? I hope all is well in the Bay Area these days.

I made it back from Iraq safe and sound and am now a cop again. I sure do miss Hexe but Im glad I am Stateside again.

Well take care Gail. Merry Christmas!

Ryan M

17 Dec 2013

Hey been busy lately but i did receive your two packages thank you for the thanksgiving card i save all my letters and my mom is putting them in my scrap book for everything iv done in the military. Here is a pic of with some Christmas decorations that i had sent the snow is still not here yet but hopefully soon it will be. Thank you for all you do for us.

Andrew and Dakota

28 Nov 2013

Hello Gail,

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving and send this pic of Max opening our care package you sent.


25 Nov 2013

Dear Gail,

I hope this email finds you well. Max and I received your care package yesterday and wanted to say thank you so much. Throughout past deployments, the US War Dogs Association and its volunteers have been very generous in their support and not enough thanks can be given. Max and I are deployed out of Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs, CO. Max is 8 years old and this is his 4th deployment. Attached are a couple pictures of Max and one of Max and I goofing around before a squadron picture.

Thanks again,

SSgt Brett J. M
Military Working Dog Handler
"K9 Leads the Way"

22 Nov 2013


Things are going well. I just returned from leave earlier this month. I am still in the same location. Things here seem to pick up for us work wise right before the holidays. So things have been a little busy for us.

All the dogs are doing well. I’m hoping to retire Ada in February. I would love to take her to a golf course and let her chase geese for as long as she wants to.

We are good as far as toys for the dogs, thanks to all of the care packages from you all. Only thing I could possibly think of for the dogs would be doggie beds. Our dogs live with us in our rooms. We have kennels for them but they choose to sleep on the floor normally on a rug. Dog beds would be great if at all possible.

Thanks again for all the care packages. They are greatly received by everyone.

Happy Holidays,

James R W and ADA

19 Nov 2013


Hey great to hear from you and hope everything is well on your end. We have been busy out here which in return time is going pretty quick. We are expecting three more dogs to bring us up to 6 total. So we are all pretty excited. The winter season is kicking in and snow is around the corner we really would appreciate some sets of Ruff wear rip-trek boot for dogs (L) or (XL) for the dogs basically booties with traction. Some dog sweaters in the (M) or (L) size. Some water buckets (2L) with clasps and any dog shammies you can find. I really appreciate reaching out to us and helping us out. Take care of yourself and have a great thanksgiving.

Hey great to hear from you and hope everything is well on your end. We have been busy out here which in return time is going pretty quick. We are expecting three more dogs to bring us up to 6 total. So we are all pretty excited. The winter season is kicking in and snow is around the corner we really would appreciate some sets of Ruff wear rip-trek boot for dogs (L) or (XL) for the dogs basically booties with traction. Some dog sweaters in the (M) or (L) size. Some water buckets (2L) with clasps and any dog shammies you can find. I really appreciate reaching out to us and helping us out. Take care of yourself and have a great thanksgiving.

Mark Q

18 Nov 2013

Ayila and I (Robert), have made it home safe. Keith and Gip, Giles and Jackson are back at there normal deployed locations. Thank you for everything u did for us while we were out there. I will pass ur info along to the new kennel master heading that way. Thank you so much again.

Robert and Ayila

9 Nov 2013

iv been here before on my last deployment so the area is pretty familiar to me. It just started to snow the other day so that should be fun for us in the near future. ill get some pics for you when it all falls with us out playing in it.

Andrew & Dakota

7 Nov 2013

Hello Gail this is James S, you sent me a care package and I just wanted to see if this email would make its way into your inbox. I was so surprised to get a care package for me and my partner Aras. It means a lot to me and all the other handlers out there that there are people like you out there that care and do what you can to make these tough times as easy as possible. How do I even ask for anything more when you have sent me so much already. I can/will use anything and everything you send. The only things I don't really use are treats for my dog because he is on a strict diet, as is every dog I handle (just a personal preference) But I did hand it out to those who would use them. Again Gail thank you so dang much and even though I could always use more things I couldn't even begin to ask for anything more.


6 Nov 2013

thank you again for everything you do for the troops. People like you keep us going when we are in dangerous places and its nice to get our mind off of the negative sometimes and its thanks to people like yourself, God Bless and take care.


5 Nov 2013

I just received another care package I will send pics tomorrow as soon as I get back from mission

Zach & Hector

3 Nov 2013

Pics from the doggie bed Thanks so much he loves it!

Zach & Hector

29 Oct 2013

Thank you so much for the amazing package my TEDD Hector and myself will enjoy it very much.

Spc. S, Zachary and Tactical Explosive Detection Dog Hector R615

20 Sept 2013

yes thank you i have been really busy the last few weeks with mid tour leave and getting back to my site. the items you have sent will be put to good use, thank you for all you do for us.

Andrew & MWD Dakota

20 Sept 2013


Just letting you know. Im in Taji Iraq working a beautiful male GSD named Mad

There are twelve handlers here with me.

There is no mail service at all and none planned. There is no way to get anything to us or to our other team in Balad Also no mail service. that is the worst part.

Things are pretty quiet here for now. We expect a change in a month or two when the stuff we are here to protect arrives. For now its training and searching trucks.

Just wanted to drop you a line

Jon H

6 Sept 2013

Gail Snyder,

Thank you for the care package you sent. It was very generous of you send such a wonderful package.

As for myself, I will be leave around a month from now.

Thank you again,

Cpl Austin N
MWD Fredy

31 August 2013

Good morning Gail,

This is SSgt H and to answer your question, yes I am in fact the Kennel Master. We received all the packages that you sent and I just want to be the first to say thank you. It really means a lot to me and the Marines out here to know that we have people who are looking out for us from a far. Everything we received will be of great use to us and we greatly appreciate your support. I can’t think of anything else you could send out other than maybe some hygiene products. On a last note I just want to inform you that in spite of my first name I am a Male Marine, reason being said I usually receive packages containing female products so you can imagine to surprises I get. Again, thank you for your support.


SSgt H
Kennel Master

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Former World Heavyweight Champion, Mike Tyson.

30 August 2013


I want to give you guys a special thanks for the boxes you both jar sent Robert , Giles and myself. We came into Jordan with almost no equipment and thanks to you, our mwd's have improved and definitely been enjoying life out here. Robert will be sending you an email also and has a great picture of us three together with most of the goods you have sent us.

On another note, we now have more than enough supplies and I would ask if you could direct you gear to other handlers who may need it more as our stash is immense.

I am from Andrews afb and I will be passing on how much you have helped us. Thanks again

Keith G

28 August 2013

Mrs. Snyder,

Recently I have received 5 care packages from The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. #1 and I wanted to take some time to thank you and introduce myself to you.

I work for the Department of State in Northern Afghanistan. I am the Kennel Master of the site and have four Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD). We provide Executive Protection for Dept. of State personnel and visiting US officials ranging from the Secretary of Sate, Members of Congress and other political representatives. Therefore it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of these individual and conduct explosive sweeps with our EDD’s before their arrival to make sure no explosives are present. We take great pride in the job we do but sometimes it is a thankless job as we are often working behind the scenes. This brings me to my next point…

I cannot thank you enough for the care packages. It is wonderful to know that there is an organization such as yours looking out for our dedicated service members and contractors working abroad in war zones and high threat areas. The toys and treats for the dogs are great and spot on for what we need. My dog doesn’t know which toy to play with so he spends a few minutes chewing on each one. Getting up in the middle of the night is now like walking through a minefield with all the toys on the floor. At least I’m not stepping on Lego’s.

Again, thank you and your organization for all the wonderful care packages. Attached you will find 3 pics. The first one is of me and EDD Ada working a venue. The second one is of me catching Ada on my bed chewing on something she should not have been. The look on her face is saying, “Dads behind me isn’t he?” And finally the third pic is of EDD Jazz and me just relaxing. Hope you enjoy the pics.


James R W

27 August 2013


I would like to thank you very much for the package, we have received it and the dogs were very happy at the goodies. I will definitely stay in touch with if we do need anything but your support alone for us is more than we can ask for, so thank you very much.

Thank you again, and pls keep doing what you are doing we really do appreciate it.

Mark Q,
Force Protection / Kennel Master

28 July 2013

Hi Gail,

My name is James H. You have been sponsoring our MWD's out here in Afghanistan through a colleague of mine. I wanted to inform that we are prepping for a demobilization of all our sites.

I also wanted to personally thank you for taking such good care of us! Care packages go a long way as you know and its always uplifting receiving them! Unfortunately as of a few days ago we as part of this demobilization/drawdown.

I would love to stay in touch though and keep you updated on our progress and well the dogs are doing.

Again, thank you so much!

All the best,


28 July 2013

Chris was still there when I left and told me a got a package from you. Thank you for everything you do an have done. Thanks again an take care. :)

- BF

23 July 2013

Hey Gail,

I have received three packages in total from you this far. I appreciate the support that you have given us. Moto says hi and hopes you like the following.


22 July 2013

Haha they Re just like kids sometimes. They sometimes like the box more than the toy itself haha.


20 July 2013

Haha we call the cool toy you sent us the Snake. She loves it!!! Thank you so so much Gail!

-R M

11 July 2013

Thank you so so much for the two additional care packages!!! They are amazing and full of things that we can really use! As you can see from the picture Hexe LOVES that red tug toy! The shape is very interesting to her because whenever she chews on one end the other end whacks her in the face. Its hilarious to watch and she enjoys it very much. The retractable line is amazing as well. That is a very high quality line that is very much appreciated. Every single item you sent will be put to good use by many of us. I will make sure all of those things are distributed around to handlers and K9s in need.

I also appreciate the nice letter that came along with it. I am forever in your debt for all of the amazing support and wonderful things you guys have sent our dogs. There have been plenty of extra tail wags that can be directly attributed to your kindness. So thank you for that!

Thank you for everything Gail!


10 July 2013

Thank you for sending Dakota and i the care package we can use alot of what you have provided. Everything in the package was great, the treats you sent are dakota's favorite he likes the beef jerky type. Here are some pics that i have gathered for you to put on your desk. Thank you again for what you do i know for a fact that getting a care package form your organization brings a smile to every dog handler in this country.

Thank You,

Andrew W and Dakota

26 June 2013

Ill keep an eye out for those packages for sure. BTW I just came in from the pit and the thermometer said it was 128 degrees! Ug. Hexe has her boots on so she is doing good.

-Ryan M

19 June 2013

As are a saint. thanks again for everything...glad your well. were all safe and sound doing our best!


19 June 2013

Hey Gail,

Well its been rough out here to say the least. lol But everyones ok and all the same guys. All the care packages were much appreciated and helped us out a lot. You are/have been too kind to me and my co workers over the years for that Im forever greatful. Thanks and I hope your well.

Kind Regards
Brandon and Tino

ps rest of the guys say pic for ya

14 June 2013

Thank you for the care package you sent to Moto. Sorry it took so long to get back to you we been pretty busy the last week or so. We both appreciate all you do.

Ethan M

20 May 2013

We definitely appreciate it. Just like a kid the night after Christmas with a new toy Hexe stayed up most the night chewing her new bone. I woke up a couple times and she was still gnawing away. Haha she is going to nap well today!

Ryan M

15 May 2013

Ma'am, thanks so much for the quick response. We got the surgi-sox, Fortiflora and Kongs today. We (I) really appreciate it.

Take care, TMT
Todd M. T DVM, MSpVM (Surgery)

7 May 2013

Ma'am, thanks for the packages we got from Gail Snyder. We've started distributing the wound care solutions to our kennels. We appreciate your support.


1 May 2013


I have received your package and thank you for everything. The Allan will love the treats. Allan is my MWD.

Brian C

1 May 2013


I received the care package today containing vet wrap and vetricin. We will give the vetricin a try. Interesting product. Vet wrap can always be used. The handlers enjoy safe, durable toys (like kong products) for their dogs.

Thanks for all you do to support these force multipliers.

DVM, MS, PhD (Veterinary Service Support)

20 April 2013

What's up Gail?

My name is Kyle. Senior Airman out in manas airport Kyrgyzstan. Me and my working dog BODZA have been here since Halloween and we are out the door to go home the first week of May.

The guys here have gotten a lot of good packages on your behalf and I wanted to say personally, thank you for the abundance of stuff you've sent to any handler here. We have more than we could ask for in all the items you've provided. It's so cool to get support from our side of the world, and better yet it being from people we've never met. It's truly a blessing so thank you.

Here are some pics of me and BODZA over the course of our time here....

11 April 2013


If I could I would kiss you right now. I just got your package and you made it like xmas here. The leash and the bark and wear I can use. I ordered two of those same leashes from Flexi but as of yet they have not come in. Thank you soo much if there is any thing that I can ever do, plase just say what if is. I will write more in a little bit. But I just wanted to thank you before I did any thing else.

Your Friend,


11 April 2013

I just wanted to thank Gail and all of you guys for the wonderful K9 care packages we received. My K9, Hexe, and I both very much appreciate the time, effort, and expense it took to put those packages together and get them to us here in Baghdad. Once again, thank you so much for all that you do!

Ryan & Hexe

8 April 2013

Mrs. Snyder,

I had received a package today from you and the war dogs assc, I just wanted to say Thank You to you and the war dogs assc.

P.S. I noticed that you always put my pup in your letters I just wanted you to know her name it is COUMA and she says thank you as well she loves those KONG balls. Also when Mr. F returns i will have another photo sent to you of us and the pups....

Again Thank You.

Luke Z and EDD COUMA

8 April 2013

Hi Gail,

I just received another amazing package from you guys at War Dogs and wanted to express my gratitude for your ongoing support and dedication. I love how each package, whether to myself or my handlers, is individualized depending on what we may need. I know that the HydroGel and doggie bandanas will especially come in handy due to our remoteness and how the temperature is steadily rising as every day passes.

Thank you for all your support,

Chris M

8 April 2013

Hi Gail,

Wanted to let you know I received 1 box of chicken jerky treats! I saw there's another box en route, when it arrives I will be sure to pass around to all the dog teams out here! Thank you!


4 April 2013


I like to thank each and everyone of you. The guys send thee thanks, many of you sent snacks and they were all gone in about 10 mins. The pup has more toys that I have gear in my room so right now he is loving life. The only problem is he wants to sleep with every toy and he gives me that heart broken look when I only let him sleep with one toy. Also most everyone ask asked what else they can send, as for me and dog shampoo soap and thank you cards. I am so greatful for all you have done and I have tried to call or email those I could but there are those that I will have to send snail mail. I have talked to the guys and they have a few request: books, body wash soap, shampoo, sneakers, candy bars, Baseball caps, tshirts, socks. Soap and shampoo is what they would like to have first, everything else would be great to have if we can get it.
(Sorry snickers the candy bar we are good on shoes)

R & T

4 April 2013

Hello ma'am

thank you for everything here are some pictures

Thank you

3 April 2013


I wanted to let you know that we received our care packages that you and Paul sent today. Thank you guys very much it is truly a blessing to have support that we do from you. Both packages have been dispersed through our 8 team kennel here in Al Dhafra.
P.S Roky wanted me to make sure I told you that True Chews are his favorite. We play games of hide and go find the True Chews...

HANDLER, Military Working Dog Section

21 March 2013

Gail Snyder,

Hi my name is SSgt Charles M. I just wanted to send a thank you on behalf of the K9 section here in UAE. TSgt P is a good friend of mine and he was kind enough to bring over the box of goodies that we received from you. All of us handlers and MWDs really appreciate your generosity and kind thoughts. Once again, Thank you!

HANDLER, Military Working Dog Section
"K9 Leads The Way!"

12 March 2013


I am finally contacting you to give you mine and Sharas many many thanks for all the wonderful toys, treats and goodies you and the War Dogs have sent to us. We honestly greatly appreciate everything you have sent and everything gets eaten and used, for that Shara is thankful haha. I attached a photo of Shara and I. Again, we appreciate the gifts and warm wishes you and the War Dogs have so graciously sent our way. It means the world to know we are thoughts of and Shara and I love opening your packages, its like Christmas day every package, always a new toy to play with and a new treat to eat. Many thanks again!

Codi & Shara

10 March 2013

To all at Chapter 1

Once again myself and two co-workers have received packages from our #1 fans at USWD. I've said it before and i'll say it again you guys are the best! We could not ask for better friends and fellow dog lovers. The treats and dog stuff was as usual much appreciated and made our day. thank you for all you do for us and people like us. We cant ever thank you enough for your support!

Brandon, Luke, Chris and the Pups

4 March 2013


My name is SSG J K and i received packages from you and wanted to say thank you so much for your gifts it mean ALOT to me and my partner here that ppl in the states are thinking about us as we are over here. Just wanted to let you know that i will be leaving country in a couple of months.

K9 Section

27 Feb 2013

Hi Gail,

Gail, Im still here at the same location. Its starting to get busier around here as the weather gets better so Im hoping for the time to go by faster. I have my leave coming up in april cant wait for that so I can spend sometime with my daughter.

hope all is well there.

26 Feb 2013

Dear Gail,

That was fast, thank you for your support. We are in the Army, Military Police. Here is a pic of us.


25 February 2013

Hi Gail,

Just want to let you know I received 2 packages. Thank you so much for the support and care packages!


15 February 2013


Bagira & I just wanted to say thanks for the K9 supplies they are a valued item here in Iraq.

Thanks Again,

Mark C & K9 Bagira
Toledo, Ohio

12 February 2013


I received a care package yesterday from you on behalf of U.S. War Dogs! Thank you so very much! it was the eye/ ear drops/ soap. Our duty Veterinarian, Julee , said "Oh thank goodness! I was trying to scrounge around for ear medication!!" as supplies are very hard in Iraq that sometimes we have to locate what we can in the Iraqi markets for medical supplies. I have told all our handlers here to please e-mail you and anything they need they can send a request. We do have roughly 110-120 dog teams out here with main breeds being German Shepherds, Malinois, and we got a few Labradors.

I will be posting your letter and picture on our guard mount board for all shift's to see! Thank you so much again!!! Enclosed is a picture(s) of me and my K9 partner Zino, he is a Dutch Shepherd (explosives detection), the good thing they recently allowed the handlers to do is to have our own trailer rooms and our dogs stay with us at all times!

Thank you!!!

Mary C
K9 Handler

10 Jan 2013

Many thanks Russ, Nancy and Sugar Plum from Chapter 1. Tino and I received yet another awesome care package here today in Afghanistan. War Dogs and its associates are without a doubt the best in the business. Your continued contributions and thoughtfulness keep our will strong and hearts happy. Thanks again


25 Jan 2013


Thank you so much for ALL the packages you have been sending us here at Manas!! All the handlers have been receiving packages from you and also others in your chapter. We have been using the items you have sent and we are all enjoying them very much!!

As for me, my MWD and I are from Tyndall AFB, My dog's name is Bruno, he's a 6 yr old Mal.

Thank you again for the packages you are sending and I will keep sending you photos of our K9 teams!!!


(OJ) SSgt, USAF Military Working Dog Handler

18 Jan 2013


Yes I am the same sabrina you supported last beployment in 2010. I normally go by Bri. The dog I have this time is Cubu. He is a long haired shep. Thanks so much for the toys and stuff. Attached are a few photos. All the guys here really appreciate the support and the packages were a great surprise. Unfortunately a couple of the KONG key chains were left too low while we were going through the boxes an the pups thought they were toys lol! Thanks again it meant alot!!! Have a great day

25 Dec 2012

Just wanted to say a whole-hearted THANK YOU to everyone from Mr. Ron Aiello & Mr. Paul Edwards & US War Dogs Association (Chapter 1); Officer Mark Rudewicz & Simsburg Police Department; Ms. Kaye Moran & York Animal Hospital; Mr. Ron Reno & the Children from Baggaley Elementary School; Mr. Richard Dygos & Macopin Middle School. My K9 Handlers and I all appreciate your wonderful support and wanted to wish you and your families back home, a VERY Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and God Bless :)


23 Dec 2012

I Thank You and Gail as well as the War dog Association for your kind gifts. They are much appreciated.

Again Thank You Very Much,


20 Dec 2012

Gail & Paul

Well once again you've outdone yourselves and made my month! As Iv said before the gratitude I have for all of you at WDA goes beyond words. Its now been 4 yrs since I first saw your FB page and was told about you by a friend. I soon met Gail and between WDA and her Iv never seen such charity for our four legged friends and there handlers. The gifts are more than great and as usual I was stunned and moved by your generosity. Tino and I are lucky to have people like you in our lives. Chris and Luke are still flabbergasted at the thoughtfulness and are looking forward to the next helo in a few days to see if there packages are in yet. Thank you both for all you do and have a Merry Christmas! Thanks again

Your dear friends,

Brandon & Tino

p.s. pic of Tino and I working

11 Dec 2012


I don't think I could express in words how much you've meant to me over the years. Your continued service and appreciate for me and other K9 handlers is unmatched by anyone Iv ever met or heard of. You and the WDA are without a doubt the most thoughtful organization Iv ever come across. The packages we received today were welcomed with gasps of excitement and smiles all around. The goodies are awesome and dog supplies were very much needed and appreciated. Tino and I have been playing in between searches with his new toy! He loves it and its building his confidence since he's a shy lil fella. The other handler&KM were amazed at your thoughtfulness and knowledge of what was needed and important to have. Thanks for being you and from your PAX K9 friends here..."we love ya Gail"! Many, many, many thanks. I hope you are well and we will continue to do what we love and protect those in need. :)

Much love from

the pups

6 Dec 2012

Hello Gail,

We are all doing good. Just working through a change over of teams at the moment. Im still working on getting you a picture. Getting all the guys together at once hasnt been easy. Ill be on the look out for those boxes. Cant wait to read all there letters. At the moment I think we are all good on supplies for the dogs and as well as the handlers but again thank you so much for all f your support. I hope you had a good thanksgiving and have a great holiday season this coming month. Wish I could be home to spend it with my daughter but she will be gettting spoiled from me as she usually does. Ill keep in touch.

Happy Holidays,


4 Dec 2012

Gail you are the best ever! and thanks yea were a handsome bunch lol

Love, hugs and doggy smoochez!! from ur fav Marines

Brandon :)

8 Nov 2012

I'm sitting here in the passenger trailer of the Diplomatic Flight Service in Bagram, Afghanistan waiting on my flight home. This is actually the mid-point in the journey, but it is where I feel that I am really leaving. From here we fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and then to the States. I'll go to Camp Attebury in Illinois and then, after out processing, I head home to Texas.

I actually have very mixed feelings about leaving here. Not that I don't want to come home, I do, but I'm leaving Jack behind. Jack was my assigned detection dog. He and I have lived together; played together, shared the same room and basically have been inseparable for over a year. This morning before I got on the C-130 cargo plane out of Sharana, the FOB where I've been for the last year, Jack and I went to visit the folks that operate the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) up on the hill next to the runway. These things fly at all hours of the day and the mission is vital. Although I don't have the clearance to see what they are doing from the control building, I do hear of the results.

Jack and I had befriended the folks there and they would even come to my room to visit Jack from time to time, so saying goodbye was a must. When I got there, Jack came bounding out of the Toyota 4 Runner I was in and ran over to a Navy Lt. Commander who runs the operation. He too is a dog person. As Jack was getting lots of love and was clearly the center of attention (he always is wherever we go), I let them know I was leaving and this was the last time Jack would be around. They were sad to see us go, but clearly understood it was time.

From there, I went to the flight line and made arrangements to fly out. Not too much of an eventful flight. Everything went as scheduled and in a little while, we jumped into the night as the big engines strained to pull the packed plane into the thin air. The runway is at 8,200 feet, so it is not easy for the flights to get off if the heat is up. Something to do with the air density I'm told. Landing in Bagram a short while later, I gathered Jack and my stuff and went to find a room at the company compound. I'd be leaving the next day to make the long flight home. I was instructed to put Jack in a kennel, something I didn't want to do but really had no choice in. I took him to the holding kennels and informed the kennel attendant where he was, what and when he was fed and then signed my friend over to him. He was no longer mine or my responsibility.

I went back to the billets and had a very fitful night mainly waiting for the day to come so I could leave. Morning came with a cold wind and a loud snap of an explosion. Yep, the insurgents had launched yet another attack on the perimeter. Nothing big, mainly harassment, but it does keep your attention. As far as I was concerned, as long as the runway was not damaged I'd be leaving on schedule.As I got ready to go there was one more thing to do. I had to visit Jack one last time. He was in a kennel at the main hub in Bagram where the unassigned dogs are housed. He had not been in a kennel since he was assigned to me and it was hard to see him behind the grate. Not that the kennel is bad. These are actually very nice and roomy. He has a house and a run, but still he is separated from me.

I slipped my hand through the squares of the kennel and Jack laid his head in it as I scratched him behind the ears. I didn't say anything, just petted and tried, unsuccessfully, to hold back the tears. I had actually inquired about purchasing him from the company and bringing him home. That was out of the question unfortunately.

Jack was a victim of his own success. He and I had become the top drug detection team in Afghanistan. Jack is only three and a half years old, so he has a long time left until retirement. He is a company asset and a valuable one at that. Basically, not for sale.

That is the hard part. That is the part that is so conflicted, but it is something I always knew would eventually happen. I had steeled myself for it, but really was unable to insulate myself from the deep loss I felt. As I think about it now it is sort of funny. I don't really miss the people I've been with. I've worked with some of them even longer than I've been with Jack, but it is different. Jack was, is, special. He was my companion through all the good and bad times here. He will be so greatly missed and he will always have a special place with me.

Originally, I was going to be in Afghanistan until December 2014. As things happened, situations changed and it became very clear that I was needed at home. Now my wife, Katherine, certainly wanted me home but she has always supported me in the sometimes rocky paths I've chosen.

Through the military, law enforcement, self-employment, and even through this adventure in Afghanistan, she has always supported me. I cannot say enough about those wives and families that stand by and support their partners through those hard times. We have been together for 30 years. Through military deployments, through missions that she could not be told about and which she had no idea when I'd be back, through sleepless nights when she could listen to the police radio and know I was involved in something, through it all she has been steadfast and supporting.

Well it is time now. It's time I stayed home. I informed the company of my resignation and preparations for my return were started. The company I worked for was very kind to me and made arrangement to get me home quickly. Although I had given the required 30-day notice, here I am, five days later and ready for the flight. They were also clear that if I ever wanted to return, there was a position waiting for me. Jack and I had made a name for ourselves in the company and that paid off. It's nice to be wanted.

In my life I've done all those things that little boys think about. I was a soldier (probably always will be), I was a businessman, an author, a police officer, and I've been a military contractor. Not long ago there was a different name given to military contractors but that is not so much in vogue now, still, it is the same thing. I'm a father of a wonderful son who is an officer in the US Army, a husband to a wonderful wife and I live in the greatest place in the world, Texas. What could be left? What do I do now? I'm not ready to retire. I have way too much to do yet. Funny thing is, after all these years, I just can't stay out of uniform.

The question of what now has already been answered. I will continue to serve, be it a lot closer to home. I will be serving as a police officer with the Gonzales Police Department after a short break at home. I am looking forward to this next step and once again the central theme that has contributed so much to my happiness will once again be continued. I will be back in uniform and in the mix of things. Eventually, if the planets align, I'll return to the K-9 side of law enforcement. Yes once again, a dog will be my partner. K-9 Buddy, my drug dog I left at home when I went to Afghanistan, will once again be my continual companion if all works out as planned. I can't wait.

They just announced it is about time to board the plane so I need to close this last article. As I gather my stuff to get on the bus that takes us to the plane, we wait as the bus passengers disembark. They look just like us waiting to leave. Mainly in green and khaki clothes, tactical eye wear and ball caps. Each carries a tactical looking backpack or a rucksack on their back. Yes they look just like us except maybe not quite as weathered.

They are us, they are the new guys. This strikes me as clearly a changing of the guard and it will happen again and again. For me, this adventure is over. All of us waiting for our seat on the bus are going home. We have been lucky.

As I walk to the bus, I nod at those walking off. We all understand. They are stepping into a world of hardship and sometimes danger. They are walking into a world of boredom as well as panic. I hope they are all in my place eventually, coming home. We also know that some of them may not. It is a fact of where we are, where I was, where they are going. It is a simple fact of war that we all accept knowingly; always hoping it will not happen to us.

I'm Jon Harris and this has been THE LAST DISPATCH FROM DOWNRANGE.

31 Oct 2012


We have recieved a bunch of packages and we all appreciate it very much including the dogs. They are loving their new toys and treats. We have recieved alot and I think we will be good for awhile. Ill shoot a email to the others who have sent packages as well. I will be getting the guys together next month for a picture so i can send one out to you. Ill let you know when we could use more support later on in the year. I know there are other dog teams out there that could use your teams help so I dont want to take away from them. Once again thanks again for all your support Gail.

Tom and the guys

14 Oct 2012

I just wanted to say thanks to you and all the people that work with you for sending me all the care packages while I was deployed. They made life a little better and that means allot. I am happy to say that I am now on my way home. Well right now I am stuck in Kuwait but they say I am going home ;o) Anyway I havent forgot about the map I said I would send you. Right now its packed in my stuff but when I get back I will send it to you in the mail. Thanks for everything. If you need anything else just let me know.


5 Oct 2012

Dear War Dogs,

Me and Eny are leaving Afghan to make are way home. Thanks again for all the support and goodies that were thought of and sent. I can't say thanks enough for the packages they def. helped out and kept us going for the year. You have a great organization and people, Once again thanks for everything and my best wishes and success you and your families.

Rye & Eny

3 Oct 2012

i recieved your care package today thank you very much

Steve and Lexa

23 Sept 2012

the dogs love the packages she was like a kid at christmasshe didnt know which toy to play with first. thanks for the love. and if you dont mind the dogs go crazy over the kong squeeker tennis balls and its also how i get her attention when were on mission so those would be awesome.

Steve and Lexa

23 Sept 2012


We got both of the packages in yesterday and the treats are almost all gone, to include the Doritos! Thanks again for your love and support. We are all ready to get out. Don and I have just about a month left and we are headed back. Well, I'm headed to bed. Have a wonderful week.

Kyle M T SSgt, USAF
Military Working Dog Handler

5 Sept 2012


How's it going? Pretty good here. Our teams should all be returning home in the next 2 months. The weather has gotten a little better here. The dogs are all ready to get home though. I hope all is well inthe states. Thanks again for all the support you have given our teams on this deployment. Have a wonderful weekend.

Kyle M T, SSgt, USAF

1 Sept 2012

Gail Snyder,

Thanks for the e-mail, sorry its been a busy month and sept. will be no different as fighting season is coming to a close as the fall and winter months are moving into the mountain regions. Eny loves the bed that was sent over here it perfectly under the bed so she has your little room when not taking up the entire bed (aha).Once again sorry e-mail and communication is limited but I have really appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, goodies that have been sent. Once again thanks for everything and I hope you enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

Much Love & Thanks,

Rye & Eny

1 Sept 2012

Hi myself an rudo would like to thank you for all that you have done for us and all the other dog teams at fob frontenac. Right now myself an rudo are on our way back to the states. everything that you've done is greatly apprecitated.

Sgt Shae

14 August 2012

hello im still in afghanistan for about another 5 months. and were doing good things are starting to slow down a bit finally but overal were good thanks for the email and for checking in.

Steve and Lexa

13 Aug 2012

Hello Gail,

I am happy to say that me and ata are back in Germany. Our tour was cut a little short for ata and the hope is now she will be retired. Thank you for all your support during our time in afganistan, ata thanks you well.

Tim and ata

21 July 2012


Barry and I are doing well and just counting down the days. HAHA I leave at the end of August. Barry is good and doing awesome and we are staying busy. Sorry i took so long to reply, i have been very very busy. Oh I just got Meritoriously combat promoted the other day. :) hope all is well and the home front and thank you for everything that you continue to do to help out Barry and I.

Duane :)

18 July 2012

Heyits SSgtH with RIso, Wanted to say thank you for the 3 packages. very thoughtful. I am leavinin couple weeks so i wont be needing anything. I will send a picture of us as soon as i get better internet! idonthave any on this computer. i just bought it. Thanks again and ill send it soon!!

13 July 2012


I just wanted to let you know that we got your care package and wanted to say Thank you from all of us here. Its always a morale buster to get random "Love" in from K9 supporters back home. Thank you for everything!


SSgt Robert B and MWD Celo

12 July 2012

yes thank you for the bed we got it several months ago we keep it in our office so he can sleep on in there. he sleeps with me when we are in our room. i have gotten tons of packages from yall thankyou very much


10 July 2012

Hi, well Iam at my new home. I guess I will be here untilits timeformeand jannet to be leaving. Its hotter here and jannet doesnt likeit as much but I guess she willget used to it.Its amazing what you can get used toover here.

Again thanks for everything that you and your friends do for me and jannet as well as the other handlers over here. If you ever need anything just ask and I will be glad to do whatever I can.


9 July 2012

Hello, Sir, how's it going? The sand is blowing out of control over here. We have received several of the care packages here and there are 10 happy dog team because of it. Thank you so much for your support. I'm gathering more pictures of dog teams, but all I have on this computer for now is my MWD, Don. Can you please give Miss Gail Snyder this e-mail for me? Thank you again for you support. I am attaching a few pictures of Don with some of his new toys and a picture of my re-enlistment.

Kyle M T SSgt, USAF
Military Working Dog Handler

6 July 2012

Sorry that I have not responded earlier. I have moved to a differant FOB now so I will have a differant address. If you have already sent another packages I will get it, it will just take a little time to catch up with me. I did recieve the three packages before I moved though that you sent last. There was allot of good stuff for both me and jannet. Everyone at the kennels enjoyed the cans of easy to make food that you sent and jannet loved the treats. Anyway I hope things are good with you and yours and thanks for everything that you are doing for me and jannet.


4 July 2012

Thanks for all you do.

I wish more people knew about the support you give.

This is a pic of me and Jack

also. as if you were not already pretty busy. this is a by series of articles I write for my hometown newspaper. It is normally about the dogs and my adventure over here


4 July 2012

Gail, I am the site lead here FOB Sharana for the contract working dogs. We have 6 dogs and handlers here. We work the ECPs search lots and patrol inside the wire. Explosives and narcotics are our main missions. So far when my handlers need things for the dogs Ive been able to do this out of pocket or scrounging as I can. I just delivered a bunch of packages to the Military K-9 guys that were donated. It is great to see. Almost like Christmas. The only downside is people dont know we are even here. The contract dogs like mine and my handlers are sort of forgotten. Any help is greatly welcomed. Receintly, we lost a canine partner. It was one of the military dogs and he and his handler were my friends. They were my escort outside. I am a narcotics handler and this dog was my military counterpart. We worked together daily. It was a terrible loss and one I will never fully get over. I dont think any of us ever really do. I wrote a short piece that the chaplin read at the service for this four legged hero and friend. Ill include it here. If you want to use it for something feel free. I just needed to write something and this came out


I’m still here

Yes , I’m still here.  You may not see me but
all the same I’ll never leave you.  We were there together
in hard times. We shared the joys and the dangers.
I lead the way. You followed and watched my back.
I showed you where danger was. You read my silent
Times were good. We were together through it all.
Now it is time for another to protect you, to love you,
to be your partner  but I’m still here.
It may be a glimpse, or a shadow, a feeling you have.
I’m watching, I’ll keep you safe.
I’ll help your new partner learn the ways. I won’t let him fail.
You never failed me.  
I’m waiting, I’m watching,
and when it is time to come join me,
I’ll still be here.

by Jon Harris

2 July 2012

Sorry, I've been up in the Mts. Contact is limited but I got back today and were two packages from you guys, thanks again the Peanut M&M's were huge hit. Thanks again.

- Rye

2 July 2012

Hi im sorry i havent been able to write fighting season has started and we've been swamped with work and we dont have enough people. all is well

- Shae

2 July 2012


We have received all of the packages you have sent and truly appreciate them. Having been a K9 handler for over 20 years, I am always amazed at the support, both with material items as well as spiritually, that citizens are willing to give to ourselves and our K9 partners. The letters and items your organization sends are very much appreciated, but I think its just the idea that people are thinking of us that really means the most.

Thank you (and everyone in your organization.)

Jeff / K9 Brit
EDD Team
Kirkuk, Iraq

24 June 2012


Thank you so much for what you do for the MWDs and us. I recieved your package the other day, and I wanted to sit down and write you and tell you thank you so much for what you do. There is no real good way to put into words how your organization, and organizations like yours increase the morale and bings just the brief moment of normalness into a very un-normal situation.

The treats that you sent as well as the dog equipment was amazing, thank you so much. All of us here at the kennels thank you for what you do, and your support for us and the MWDs.

From all of us here , thank you for what you and your organizations does, and we appreciate the time and that you put into writting us and sending us much needed item. I hope that you have a great day.

Thank you, forever thankful,

Erik R

10 June 2012

Hi Gail ;

Thank you for the box of goodies you sent it brought a smile to both the dogs and us here in kirkuk Iraq, we all enjoyed receiving the box's and please know your thoughtfulness and time to send it was something that cannot be duplicated in any way!!! here are some team and my EDD cannon pictures.
Again Thank you for the box's and know it was really appreciated by all here!!!!!!

Frank M

29 May 2012

i just recieved the package with a realy nice cigar box thank you so much, we have everything we need for the time being thanks for all the support.


28 May 2012

Hey, hows things going? I hope your Memorial Day was a good one. As for me and Jannet well things are okay I guess. Thanks for the care packages that you have sent. The treats both for me and jannet are great. Jannet had a blast with the big bone that you sent her. If I can ever help you with anything just let me know ok.


28 May 2012

Hi how are you doing ? I received the packages today. I've been out and on mission for a few weeks. We are short dog handlers so the rest of us are picking up the slack. thanks for all that you do for us over here.


14 May 2012

Hello Ms. Snyder,

I just received two packages from you and once again filled with love. I really appreciate your thoughtful consideration of Ronny and myself. Everything you sent is very much needed and pretty sure it'll all be used by the time our time is up. I shared some of the package with other handlers and they appreciated it as well. I hope everything is well with you and your family and look forward to hearing from you soon. Attached are a few pictures of Ronny and I hard at work :). Hope you like them.

With Love,

Lakeshia and Ronny

7 May 2012


How are you doing? Sorry I have been out of contact with you. I have been quite busy lately and away from computer access. Me and Luca are doing just great. She has been doing her job amazingly. She is growing to be a great working dog. I do have a few simple requests. I normally hate asking however, we are starting to get in the horribly hot weather times and a few things would help us out with our dogs.

Thank you so much

MWD Luca and MA2 Justin

2 May 2012


Sorry yes long time no talk, been super busy back at work and in and out-processing recently. Jess and I are now back stateside. Thanks for all the care packages it really meant a lot to all of us at the deployed kennels. My replacement from my base is SSGT Ben. Hope to talk to you again here shortly. Thanks for everything!!!!

SSGT Johnny Rodriguez & MWD JESS

5 May 2012


Sorry i have taken so long to reply. I went home for two weeks on R&R to spent time with family and then i havent been near computer often and have not been able to reply. Me and the guys just opened the packages today and we can use everything that you sent. We are so thankful and cant thank you enough! What you guys are doing is amazing and i cant wait to do the same some day when my time as a dog handler in the NAVY ends. But that is a long time away. HAHAHA Its very hot thou, and i cant wait for it to rain or cool down some day. hahaha We get lots of care packages, but one thing that we absolutely love and never get is beverages. We always have water, but you can only drink so much water before you just want a ice tea or juice or something to sweeten up your mouth. Well we are doing good and hope you are doing good as well!

Take care and talk to you soon,


2 May 2012

HI its Sgt Verner/Rudo thank you so much for the two packages that you sent out rudo is enjoy some of the snacks right now before we go to bed. All that you do is great appreciated.

April 26 2012


I apologize for not writing sooner, with "fighting season" starting in full swing we have been pretty busy as you can imagine. Yes I have been recieving my packages, but I now need to request that you send no more because I am set to rotate home in about three weeks. I dont yet have names for the handlers relieving e, but will def give them your contat info. Thank you for all your support during this deployment. It was greatly appreciated and I thbk you so much!!!!!


25 April 2012

Just wanted to say thanks for all the packages. Here is a picture of me and jannet

SSG Travis & Jannet

April 22 2012

Dear Gail,

Sorry for not responding and everything mission Tiempo is high right now since spring and weather is changing to the hotter side. I've gotten all the package you have sent.

Once again I apologize for not keeping in touch and I will do a better job, please thank anyone and everyone that has helped with the great packages. Once again thank you for your time and effort and continued support.



April 22 2012

Dear Ms. Snyder:

Thank you for the package . It was finally received via our swift mail service. Not only do the dogs appreciate it, but we as handlers, do also. Thank you so much for taking the time to think of us.
I sending you a few pictures of the dog you made very happy. Her name is Linda and both of us are going home on May 2nd. She has an arthritic left shoulder so I am going to see if I can adopt her.
Again thank you.

Jerry A. G
Cerritos, Calif.
Baghdad, Iraq

18 April 2012

thankyou very much

Rye and Xandy

17 April 2012

yes any large dog bed shall do my new address is


April 17 2012

Dear Mr. Edwards,

I would like to start off by saying Thank You so very much for your generosity! Ronny and I have been a team since Oct/11 and I enjoy working with him so much. He is full of personality and I'm sure you'd like him too. I was overjoyed to receive a care package for not only the one who deserves it, Ronny, but also myself. Thank You again for taking the time out with showing we are important and not forgotten. I'm sending a couple of photos of silly Ronny, I hope you like it :).

With Love and Gratitude,

Lakeshia and sidekick Ronny

22 March 2012

Hi Mrs/Ms Snyder

Thank you for the letters and packages that you sent. Im sorry that it took me so long to respond to you but I just returned from r&r and the boxes were waiting for me when i got here today. I really appreciate the pins an patches. The only question is where can i get one of those war dog bandanas for rudo. I will have pictures coming soon

Shae & Rudo

March 7, 2012

Hey Gail it's Robert Stewart. How are you?

Yeah we just retired two MWD's about two weeks ago. I have photos that I'll have to get to you ASAP.

March 6, 2012


One of them I know was adopted by his current handler. His name was Laso, not sure if that one is spelled right or not. Thanks for caring for the dogs and the handlers.


2 March 2012

MRS Snyder,

This is SSG Davis and I receantly recieved a care package from you (United States War Dogs Association, Inc Chapter 1) I am sending you this e-mail to say thanks for the booties and the blanket and the assorted treats for both me and Jannet. We both greatly apreciate the care package. Its hard to get dog gear over here and if we do get it we end up having to pay for it ourself. I know neither you or the War Dog Assocoation have to do this. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks. Your package made life a little bit easier over here.

SSG Davis, Travis

1 March 2012

Hey Gail,

We received your packages the other day. Thank you very much. The booties were to small for ata, so i gave them to a new guy that got here and his god Jimmy. He is a little lab that looks like a puppy. He is cute. Things here are the same for me and ata. Luckily we go on leave really soon.

Take Care


SGT Brownell

25 Feb 2012


Thanks so much, i got 1 box today, with the frontline, nail clippers, snacks, muzzle and everything else in there. I will give it to my boss tomorrow and let the other guys know so they can use whatever they need in there. Thanks so much.


24 Feb 2012


Hey thanks so much wow, but we havent recieved it yet. I have been told the iraqis are holding up mail and it will take aabout 5 weeks to get mail from the initial sent date. I will keep you informed as soon as i recieve them. thanks so much. Spike says hi and we are working our butts off. Nothing new going on now, just work work and no play, i just can't wait to see what is going to happen, in a few months from now. Things are heating up off and on. A few days ago, there were many attacks outside in the red zone and many lives lost again. This place is not going to change anytime soon. I guess it is what it is.


18 Feb 2012

Hi how are you doing ? So our new address is as follows

Sgt V R

Thank you guys so much for the support an let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys on our end.

10 Feb 2012

I am replying to this message for Steven. His name actually is Mark but he is a Jr. therefore only the military actually refers to him as Mark and most everyone else calls him Steven so as not to confuse him with his dad. He did tell me today that he received I believe 4 other packages for Lexa yesterday. I will be sending his camera cord to him soon so that he can send you pictures. Feel free to email him anytime. We do use this email as a joint account but I will leave your mail in the box so that he will see it. And your pups are absolutely precious!!!! Thank you guys for all you are doing for him and Lexa during this time.


Amanda G

10 Feb 2012

i recieved your care package today thank you so much lexa and myself really appreciate it. i will send more pics later, my wife is sending my camera cord. thanks again for the support.

Mark G

14 Feb 2012

Hello Gail,

Thanks for getting a hold of me, sorry i was in contact our internet resources here in Herat at Camp Arena arent as good as it was in Shranana. This place is ran by the Spanish and Italians and they could care less about the small group of Americans here. I thought the food was going to be good here but it is worse than Sharana, pigs feet just isnt big on my I know that Sharana got 3 new handlers i cant remember the NAVY kids name but i do know that SGT McNulty is there with his dog and there is a SSG Wolf something i will get his proper name for you this after noon.

Me and ata moved out to the west, it took us a little bit to get out here cause ata got sick after the first flight to baf. But she is doing is doing a lot better know. Thank you for your concern. My address is




6 Feb 2012

Dear Ms. Snyder,

How are you ms. Snyder i am one of your war dogs that you are taking care of my name is SPC. Nedal and im a PEDD handler my dogs name is Alan. He is a three year old German Shepard and he loves the treats you sent him very much along with the monkey fist that he tore up in 20 mins. hahahaha. but i just wanted to say thank you very much for everything you are doing for every handler and for the dogs. Oh and i got your letter and i gave Alan his kiss HAHA

Thank you and god bless,

SPC. Nedal

3 Feb 2012

Dear Gail Synder,

Thank you for the package and great letter and patch as well. I am e-mailing to let you know that I'm moving to a different location and the new address is below as well as a photo of MWD Eny. I hope the new year is successful and safe for you and once again thanks for the support and kind words.


B Ryan

2 Feb 2012

Hello Gail,

Honza and I got the care package you sent us the other day and Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you! He absolutely loved everything in there and I did as well. I attached some pictures of Honza and I and one of Honza with his care package. We can't thank you enough for your support during this deployment. This is my second deployment (15 months in Iraq) and now here, and this one has been extra rough. My wife and I are expecting the birth of our first child, a little girl, in early April, and being away has not been easy. Knowing there are people who support both Honza and I (especially Honza) make it a little easier to get through the days and drive on with out mission. So again from the bottom of our hearts thank you.

Best Wishes,

John and Honza

25 Jan 2012


I just wanted to email you guys and let you know i have received your packages. I cannot thank you enough. Just for some information, i am relocating to a new site. so the old mailing address will not work anymore. I will let you know as soon as i get to the new place and what the address is.

Sue is greatful for all the gifts and so are the guys i am with. I shared what you sent, because it was way more than i could handle. There is nothing right now i can think of that we need. I just want to keep my battle buddy Sue. Ill keep dreaming though on that one and let you guys spoil her. haha.

Sincerely though. Sue and i thank you soo much for all the support and cannot thank you enough. It means a lot to me and her. I sent along a few pictures for you guys, so do enjoy.

Thank you soo much,


25 Jan 2012

Hello Gail,

Thanks for all the packages, I was away for a little while and when I got back I had a couple of packages from you. Christmas here wasn't too bad. Maci and I are headed home soon. My relief is on his way so thank you for all your support while I was here. It made it easier to be away from the states. I attached a picture of Maci from our last trip out. I hope things are going well for you. If you would like to support my relief just let me know. I know he would really appreciate it. Take care and once again thank you for everything.


David and Maci

5 Jan 2012

Hi, Mrs. Snyder,

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Myself and my mwd Rudo ( male ) enjoyed your boxes alot. We are in the process of moving and setting up a brand new kennel in a dangerous part of southern afghanistan. Myself and the other handlers greatly appreciate all the thoughts and effort that you put into sending us a care package. Rudo really enjoyed going through the box and finding toys. I made him share with the other dogs in the tent. Attached are some pictures of myself and my older bother sgt daniels an a couple other handlers.

Shae V and MWD Rudo

31 Dec 2011


My nick name is Lucky and Bendzi was my last dog that I had. I now have Luca. She is a 3 year old GSD and this is her first time out.. We are in a "kind of crappy" place, but not sure of what I need or what she needs. We don't have a store here so we are kind of here to fend for our selfs. Thank you for your support.

Justin "Lucky" & MWD Luca

Good day everyone. Well me and MWD Luca have made it out to our FOB.. This year is a rough living area. I can say I have had better in the past.

I will respond back..

God bless each of you

Justin T

26 Dec 2011

Yes I am still in Afghan.

David P

As far as needing things, I think we are OK. We have 2 more new American Handlers and 1 think that is about all we need other then always looking forward to your human and dog treats. Usually whatever you send us and we don't have a use for it, I will take it to the US Army vet to distribute among the Active duty troops as they come in for check ups. I leave it in your box so they know who sent it out when they read the address and then I write on the inside tab "Donated by War Dog Association"

Have a good New Year

David P

25 Dec 2011

Hi Gail,

Sorry i been working all day, 12hr shifts, i'm 400 meters form the red zone out with the iraqi's, .. its been a very long day... another christmas down the drain, maybe next year would be better for me.

Thanks for the wishes, merry christmas to you also.. hope you have a happy new year as well. Things are getting a little shaky around here lately since most of the troops pulled out.. we will see what happens next after the new years.. i'm still in baghdad for at least another 35 to 40 days. Hope all is well your way, me and spike are still out in the field trying to keep things in order.


20 Dec 2011

Hey Gail,

Just wanted to let you know I got your packages you sent about a week ago. Jess and I want to thank you. Very nice Rottweilers by the way, I love Rottweilers they are my favorite dogs then German Shepherds. I want to thank you and everyone at USWDA for all your love and support.


SSgt R and MWD Jess

William Slifer

12:28am Dec 20

Yes, we are actually getting ready to leave here. Sorry I haven't talked to you as much as I wanted to. Just getting excited to come back to the states. I am going to pass your information along to another handler and get you a list of the inbound handlers that way you can still send care packages to this location. They have all been great and definitely appreciated by all. :) When I have all of the info I will email it to your account. Talk to you later and thanks for everything.- Bill Slifer

18 Dec 2011

USWDA Chapter 1

I would like to say thank you for all the support you have shown me and my friends during this deployment. Your generousity goes far beyond what needs to be done and it is greatly appreciated. Our partners are very happy and are well aware that so many people out there love them and support them. Ata is always by my side when i open packages waiting for something. He little tail waging and she makes a lot of little noises if i dont give her something right away. I usually read whatever letters or cards are in the package to her, she pays attention as if she knows what im saying.

Ron the guys wanted me to thank you again for the cigars. They loved it them,. Pretty much every night before dinner we stand outside and burn boxes while we smoke cigars. Once again thank You.

Gail, thank you for all your support and wonderful care packages may god bless you for your kindness.

Mr Edwards, thanks for the sweets and the TRAUMA kit, this fits perfectly on my 3 day pack. I cant thank you enough.

I need to tell you that my address is changing soon, within the next week i will be moving out to western afganistan to continue the mission out there. Once i get out there i will be sure to give you my new APO Address.

The others handlers that are here will all be leaving in about 3 weeks, and there replacements will be coming in but i do not know there names yet.

I want to wish you all a Merry xmas and a Wonderful Holiday season.

God Bless


16 Dec 2011


Thank you once again for all the items you and your friends are sending. I finally got back to my home kennel to pick up 8 packages the other day. Myself and Rino currently working with Special Forces trying to clear out talibain in our area.


MA2 Matthew Dupont

15 December 2011

Hey Gail,

How are you doing? I am happy to report we have made it back to our kennel. You guys are amazing. There were so many packages here for the teams it was awsome. I did want to let you know that Chico's Harness did come in and we are excited to start using it. I will get a pic of it with him wearing it and send it soon. All the teams here are very grateful for the care packages and we got so much in that we shared it with the civilian dog teams that work at the ECP. We also sent a few of the care packages to a couple of Romanian Dog teams that we train with from time to time. We still have alot of care packages. We got alot of tools and building material in the mail that has helped out alot. We now have Walls and bed frames shelves in our tent. I am going to send a few pics soon when i get my camera back. I kinda left it at one of the COBs we stopped at and i asked them to send it to me in the mail. I did forget to take pics of Chico and I though. Alot of the pics were of the mountains and areas we were traveling through. But i will get more of us on future missions.

Forever Grateful,

Dave and Chico

13 Dec 2011

Please accept this certificate on behalf of VCSI K-9 and the handlers in Afghanistan for the great support you guys have provided to us over the years.

Happy Holidays

David Pellerin

8 December 2011

Dear Gail,

Maci and I recieved your package with all the goodies. As always its greatly apprieciated and enjoyed by myself and Maci. I love the picture of your dogs playing. As we approach the holidays its nice to recieve packages filled with a small piece of the states. Thank you very much for taking care of us while we are over here. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Take care,

David & Maci

P.S. Attached is a picture of Maci ready to go to work. He's a puppy at heart and always ready to work.

6 Dec 2011

Hi Gail,

Thank you so much for getting that stuff together and sending it out so quick!!

I feel so blessed to be receiving so much for them. When I first got here, these dogs had nothing. It made me so sad to think i wasn't going to be able to care for him the way i felt he should be, especially out here, and you all have made that possible. Thank you.

I will give Cesar that scratch for you, and thank you again for everything! Bless you all and hope your holiday season is going great!


Angela and Cesar

6 Dec 2011

Hey Gail,

Well i guess we are going to stay at the cob for a couple days waiting on a Helo to drop off some stuff to us.

I think Chico is happy to stay here a day or two longer. He has been sleeping most of the time and the only time he really wants to wake up is to eat and go to the bathroom. I am so fortunate to have him as my partner. But we are even more fortunate to have people like you and everyone else back in the states who helps take care of us.

Again and FOREVER Grateful,

Dave and Chico

1 December 2011


All is well with Jess and I. We did get your package, thank you very much. Sorry I haven't been able to write you as quick as I wanted too just been busy. Jess and I have a few photos for you and USWDA Chapter 1.. Jess would like is some chicken dog treats he loves them. Thank you for all you do Gail I really appreciate what you and USWDA do for us.



Military Working Dog Handler

29 November 2011

yes we got the packages just fine thanks so much for sending stuff out

Kelly C

29 November 2011


I recieved another great package from you today. As always thank you so much for the gifts and all you do for us. I hope you had a outstanding Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Christmas time!!!! Bryce H.

29 Nov 2011

Dear Ms. Snyder,

I received your packages today, and am incredibly grateful. All of which will be put to good use. It really boosts the morale around the kennel when we receive these gracious gifts. Especially this time of year. You are in our thoughts. Thank you.

I included pictures of myself and my Canine along with people i am deployed with :)


MA3 R, Christopher
MWD Bella L123

27 Nov 2011

Were good. My relief is coming early so I might be home for Xmas.

Ben and Dylan

Nov 26 2011

Hello from Afghanistan,

Things are going good here. Maci is doing real well. The only thing that I can think of that would be helpful is some pill pockets. Maci is on a joint vitamin and he doesn't like taking them so either I have to hide it in some food or shove it down his throat. So if you could send me some pill pockets that would be awesome. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and take care.

David and Maci

25 Nov 2011

Hey Gail,

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you from Chico and myself as well as all the teams here. We did receive all packages. We are extremely grateful. thank for the tools that sent us it will help us alot to build a decent living area for the time we are here. I am going to enclose a pic of Chico and I. I will send more pics as we get them. Please feel free to email me at the email address as often as you can. I will respond as much as i can when i am here. We do go out for a week or 2 at a time. And the internet here is not always reliable.

Forever Grateful,

Dave and Chico

19 Nov 2011

Mrs. Snyder-

Thank you so much for your kind care package Jacky (my partner) will certainly enjoy the tug toy and bones you sent. the candy will def. come in handy for me :). I have been a K9-Handler for almost 5 yrs now and love every minute of my job!!! this is my 2nd deployment as a Handler. Again I would like to thank you so very much for your kind gist. I hope this e-mail finds you well. I wish you and your family the happiest Holliday season.


MA2 Bryce H

November 14, 2011

Hey Gail! I got your package today! Thank you so much. Melissa S is away on a mission right now, but will share with her when she gets back!

Take care,

Barry and Omega

Nov 8 2011

Mrs. Snyder-

Thank you so much for the care package I recieved today, I truely appreciate everything you guys do for us. i hope you and yours has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enclosed is a picture of my partner and I.

Very Respectfully,

MA2 Douglass H

November 4, 2011

Dear Gail,

Thank you very much for the package, me and ata just received it today it was very thoughtful of you. Ata really appreciates the booties i could tell that her pads were starting to bother her from the prickers, i put them on her today and it was actually very comical at first, but i made it very fun for her playing her favorite game frisbee. I took some pics of her for you, i will send them soon i just need to find the cable to my camera, i miss placed the thing.

Please take Bridget Thank You for the card i read it to ata and she showed great interest and we really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and all that you do for us.

I hope this email finds you well and thanks again for everything.

Sgt B

October 28, 2011

Dear Gail,

I wanted to say thank you from myself as well as my MWD Maci. We got your package in and everything has been useful and greatly apprieciated. Maci loves every bit of it and plays with the toys. It is always nice to have supporters like yourself that appriciate what we do over here and the mission we support. It can be very stressful on a dog changing enviroments. Expecially with some of the things they are getting exposed to on a daily basis. So him having extra toys and treats to enjoy make it alot easier to handle. I know alot of hard work and dedication went into putting together the care packages and even more love and care. I have attached a picture of myself and Maci. Thank you very much.

Very Respectfully,

SSgt David and MWD Maci

October 26, 2011

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the Care Packages, Ata seemed to enjoy going threw the boxes with me as nosy as she is. I have attached a Picture for you. This one was taken when we first got here we were in BAF. If you like i have more just let me know. We have been busy and the weather is getting colder but we make the best of it. Once again thank you for everything.

Sgt B

Also thank you very much for the Cigars, it was a big surprise me and the other guys are very appreciated for you sending them and will defiantly enjoy them. Once again thank you very much.

October 8, 2011

Dear Gail,

Thank you so much for the dog shampoo and treats for my little guy. We are currently working out in a remote location in western Afghanistan, so its a real treat for Rino to get good shampoo and doggie snacks. Attached is a picture of little guy and myself after a mission with Special Forces. It thanks to Americans like yourself that make it easier to operate out here.

MA2(FMF) Matthew USN

September 30, 2011


I am leaving tomorrow to start my journey back home. David is my relief and will be here for the next 5-6 months. Thank you for everything you've done for all of us the past couple months!

April and Zora

September 28, 2011


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I received the last care package. Thank you so much. Dylan has so many toys and treats now from you and everyone else sending stuff. Gotta be careful so he doesn't get fat now haha. Here is a pic of me and Dylan from when we went out with the British. I'm going to try and get some new ones soon.

Take care. Ben.

September 4, 2011

Dear Gail,

Good evening. Thank you so much for sending the two care packages full of treats for the dogs and handlers. They were very much appreciated by everyone! I left all the dog toys at the search pit for the teams to go through while they are working. The dogs search in extreme heat and playing with the toys should keep their spirits up throughout the day!

I have asked the other dog teams to email me photos of them and their dog. I will send them as soon as I get them. For now, I am sending a picture of Me and Omega at Ramstein AB, Germany the day before we left. We haven't took any pictures here yet. We will next work day though. I am also sending a picture of SrA S and MWD Glen. They work nights and relieve us all the time.

Take care Gail...and again, we all really appreciate the great support!

Very Respectively,

Barry and Omega

Sept. 20, 2011

Hey yes we are recieving care packages here. Actually we have recieved many care packages and we are very appreciative of all that has been sent to us. When we first got here we had nothing and since we have been recieving care packages we have more than enough stuff to get us thru now. Thank you so much for everything you guys do for us and you have no idea the true impact it has had on us and our dogs. Thank you again and I apologize it has taken a month to get back to you i never seen this email until just now. Thank you again.


John W & MWD Palli

Aug 27 2011


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I received your 3 packages today. Thanks for the joint supplements, doggy treats, and red vines. I'm attaching a picture of me and Zora taken the other day here at our new home. Enjoy!

April and Zora

August 21, 2011

Hey there Gail. Just wanted to let you know that me and Ryky got the packages. Just in time to, we really needed the muzzle. Thanks for all your support. We are starting to pack things up here as we will be headed back to the states for good come the end of September. once again me and Ryky thank you for everything


August 15 2011


Just wanted to let you know we made it back home yesterday. Again, thanks for all the support you've given me and my guys this year. We truly appreciate it


August 14 2011


Yes ma'am, we are getting ready to get out of here! I should be home in the beginning of September and I am getting very anxious! Thanks for all that you do, Gina and I appreciate it very much! We will let you know if anything is needed but as time is winding down, not much is needed these days. :)

I hope you are doing well and have a great day!

With Love,

Riley and Gina

August 6 2011

Hey Gail.

Just wanted to let you know that me and K9 Ryky (female Belgian Malinois) received the yummy treats you sent us. All your support is greatly apprecatied. I have recently sent my dues to join your organization.

Also enclosed are some pics of me and Ryky - you dont know how much it helps make us stay sane here.

Enjoy the pics.


SGT James and K9 Ryky (woof)

August 3 2011


I just wanted to let you know that I received your package the other day I'm attaching a photo of Zora with the US War Dogs bandana.

April and Zora

July 30, 2011

Hey Gail,

Just wanted to share this pic of Sam & I on a Blackhawk. :)

Also, just wanted to thank you for all of your support since we've been here, our time here is slowly but surely winding down. We are forever grateful.

Again Gail, thanks for everything you've done for me, the fellow handlers, and our pups. Words will never be able to express how grateful we all are.

Amy & Sam

July 11, 2011

Yes the packages made it to me just fine and the dogs absolutely loved the goodies in side of them. I don�t have much time left here so if a package comes for me shortly before I leave it will probably be returned. Thanks for everything and all your help and positive influence in the K9 world. We will be having some team pictures taken here shortly and I will make sure you get one of them when they are done.

Thanks again, Chris
SSgt, USAF Military Working Dog Handler
64th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron

July 7, 2011


I got your package today with the booties. I'm sending you a photo of Zora with them on. Some other items we could use are pet wipes, quick stop, furminators and doggy toothpaste. Thanks again for the booties.

April and Zora

July 3, 2011

Hello there. Mail has been delayed a few days but today, we got two care packages. We definitely appreciate your support.

I have attached a photo of Sam with the care packages :) The third care package was from another MWD supporter :)

thanks so much for your support.


June 26, 2011

I wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you so much for your care package for all the Military Working Dogs and Handlers!!! Along with this e-mail I'm going to attempt to attach some photos. Please let me know if u get them cause this will be my first time trying this with photos. Thanks once again for everything and hope you all have a great Independence day!

Airman Jason & MWD Bagira

June 21, 2011


I would like to thank you for the packages you sent. Myself and the 7 other handlers enjoyed getting some new toys for our pups and some new equipment (collapsible water bowls). We appreciate all everyone does to get donations for us while we serve our great nation in Afghanistan. I've enclosed a few photos, they are not the best, but I will send better ones when I get them. Thanks again!

SSgt April L and MWD Zora

June 21, 2011

Also, wanted to say thanks for the packages. We all received one today...well, except for SSG H. I assume maybe his may come tomorrow...I'm not sure. Anyway, they arrived safe and sound, thank you :)


June 14, 2011


Hello, glad you enjoyed the pictures there will be more to follow. Fieldy was getting his teeth cleaned and we shave their legs because in case that we have to administer fluids it is easier for us to find the vein. He is in excellent health and doing good. . Please tell everyone thank you from us. Not to many people realize the importance of these dogs and the good they do. God Bless you and Semper Fi.


June 13 2011

GySgt. Rene and Cpl. Fieldy

Cpl Fieldy at the Vet

Thank you for the Toys

Cpl Fieldy

June 3, 2011

Dear Gail,

I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given Andy and I over this year. Him and I will be redeploying back to Fort in the next week or so. We have enjoyed each and every package you have sent us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you for all the support you give to others also! It truly makes our mission over here easier to have people like you supporting us! Thank you again!


Corey and Andy

May 30, 2011


Nirvana and I are doing well. We still have about a month and a half left here. Thank you for all the items that you have sent thus far and will say thank you in advance.

SSgt Latif

May 30, 2011

yes I am still with Damnit,, I should be with her for another year that I signed up for. Will be looking for them.. Thank you as always.

David P

May 22, 2011


Hey Gail, just dropping a line to see how things are going your way. It is getting very hot now all of a sudden, seems too early to be this hot this year. Of all the years i've been in Iraq. Some of the guys here are worried for their first time in the summer for their dogs. Not sure if you have any extra booties or cooling vests. If you do have any extra for the dogs here we'd all appreciate it. We have 8 dogs here in this fob now.

Hope all is well Gail. thanks and Spike says hi.

-- Roger

May 24, 2011


Thanks so much again for the care package. I recieved it today. We are all truely in need of the supplies you have sent. We are doing fine so far but 1 handler down. One of the dog K9 Bodie is down, and Vet had a medical evac for K9 Bodie, not sure what is going to happen as of yet. I will keep you informed. Thanks again Gail.

-- Roger

Hi Gail it's BJ from Afghanistan. Here is a pic of our new adopted Belgian Malinois Dual Purpose War Dog named Sandra. As you can see very social and fits in with the family already. More pics to come.

May 26, 2011

Hey there, two packages came in today, one for me and one for SSG . Thank you by the way.

So M and Kiti should be leaving here soon and are being replaced by SPC C and his MWD, Odetta. They are both from Fort Benning, like Sam and I :)

Thanks again for all the support.


May 17, 2011

Hi Gail,

Everything is going good here. Just counting down till we start making our way back home. We should start making our way back in about a month and half. Since we will be leaving soon all care packages can stop for us. TTaylor and I really appreciate everything you and the organization has done for us and all the other MWD teams currently deployed. Its really nice to know that there is a program out there that reconizes what our four legged companions/partners do for our country as well. When I return home I would like to make a donation to the US War Dogs. Glad im leaving soon cause its starting to get really hot here, it was about 105 yesterday and its only May. TTaylor isnt to fond of the weather either. Well I hope all is well back stateside. Talk to you soon. Oh yeah i have also attached a couple recent pictures of TTaylor and I.

Thanks again,

Tom and TTaylor

May 16, 2011

Hey Gail,

M should be leaving here soon...within the next week or so. Mail has been really weird here, I've been expecting something for the last two weeks, still hasn't gotten here. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. And yes, the address is still the same.

Thanks again for all of the support :)


May 7, 2011


I just wanted to let you know we received the first two care packages and wanted to say thank you they have all ready been put to use. Some of guys used the apple shampoo and liked it. I am fixing to go out on mission for a week so I will not have email contact but as soon as I get back I will get some pictures taken and email them to you. Thank you again for the care packages and I will email you when I get back.



May 12, 2011

Hey Gail,

I am doing great now thanks. Spike is so spoiled with all the things you and everyone else has sent here. He is a happy camper and i wish you can see Spike in person, you would love this little guy for sure. Spike is got a very good personality and great workig dog also. Thanks again for everything Gail.


April 27, 2011


I'm so sorry i hadn't been able to reply to your email until now. We were out on a mission and hadn't been able to check it. I did see the link you sent and Congratulations on your award!!! You deserve it for everything that you do. As of right now our tour is coming to an end. We only have but a few weeks left out here so as far as getting you an updated list I really can't. Most of the teams in my area will be redeploying soon as well. The only one who will remain is an Army SGT. by the name of Lance and his "OLD" faithful partner Kimbo. He will be doing a full year here so he has a lot of time left.

I hope you are doing well and again Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

"Life's tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid."

April 20, 2011

Here is two pictures of Pop's K9 Mal named Bolo here in Iraq FOB Prosperity. Pop's had never given his Mal a toy since he had Bolo. Pop's likes to go by Pops so i am not sure his real name but he is American K9 Handler for AMK9 with us but he works at the FOB we live on so we don't have the chance to work together. When i gave Pops some of the toys you all have sent here for everyone, K9 Bolo had never seen a toy before and he was so happy that K9 Bolo was jumping up and down on the bed throwing the toy around and licking it for about 30 minutes before Pops started squeezing it and K9 Bolo went crazy over the new toy. It's the rubber blue squeaking toy and just watching K9 Bolo having recieved his first toy in his life was amazing. K9 Bolo is almost 4 years old and i have never seen a dog recieve a toy for his first time. It was one of the most amazing things i just witnessed and i wanted to share with you all. Pop's told me that K9 Bolo had never gotten a toy from him nor anyone else and he wanted to thank everyone for the amazing moment with K9 Bolo. I don't know what else to say but to have seen something like this for the first time is a blessing and thanks to everyone for their support and kindness. This is a day worth every moment.


April 19, 2011

Hello Ma�am,

I have received you package and appreciate it very much. My Military Working Dog�s name is Nirvana and she also says thank you. Hope everything is going good back in California. I am currently stationed in D.C but left Travis Afb in Fairfield, CA prior to this assignment so I know exactly where you are located in Pinole. Well I have to get back to work but once again I would like to thank you and your staff for the package.


April 19, 2011


I'm glad you enjoyed the picture and we thank you so much for all of your efforts! I looked at the CBS website and read the story but due to the GOV computer, I cannot view the video but will attempt to do so on my personal computer. The story was great though! It's truly remarkable that you have been supporting up for so long and that you started off by yourself, your thoughts and effort are so appreciated!

Riley, SSgt, USAF
Military Working Dog Handler

April 13,2011

Hi Gail,

So they did a story huh? Congratulations. You deserve it. You were wonderful and all the care packages were amazing. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've never-in 17 years- had support like I had from you.


April 12, 2011

Hi Gail,

Yes we are still here. There is nothing in particular that we are looking for just, your everyday snacks (For the handlers) that we would be unable to obtain here, and dog grooming tools would be very helpful. It is starting to get hotter over here, so keeping a groomed dog helps out. Thanks again for all of your help and everything that you are doing for us over here.

SSgt D Shaun

April 9, 2011

I hope you guys have a great day... enjoy.

Robert and Brit

March 5, 2011


You can continue to send boxes here. They have a new group coming in shortly. We have dog teams coming and going left and right until April. My relief is on his way as well...

The new group falls under TSgt (its a guy). He'll be the one who is leading the next group of guys and he is my relief. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having a couple packages here and there.

I'll always keep in touch.

Thanks for all your support,


March 5,2011

Here are a few of the pictures that i have so far, when everyone gets back i will get them all together and get a group photo. Again thank you very much for all that you do for all the dogs teams that have to spend time away from family, and thank you from are four legged parteners as well.

SGT C, Jeremy D
U.S. Army

March 6, 2011

Ms. Snyder,

My Name is Cory B___ and I am a Military Working Dog handler located at FOB ______. We received your care packages and are extremely grateful for all the supplies, treats, and toys you have sent to us. Your generosity plays a large role by making the dogs and our lives a little easier on a day to day basis. The dogs love the treats and toys and it's hard to not spoil them but they can't get enough. Thank you again from the Dogs and Handlers of FOB ______.

P.S. We are in the process of getting a kennel picture to send to you.


March 6, 2011

Glad you liked the picture :) I know for you guys back home, it's nice to know that the packages or letters made it to their destination :)

Sam is doing ok. Sam tore his paws up about a week ago during training so we haven't been working or anything, but he's good to go now, so we're back at work tomorrow.

How's the weather been there? It's been getting pretty warm here during the day.....up to the 80's. Went running this afternoon and it was pretty warm. We may have to start running in the mornings now.

Take care,


March 3, 2011

My name is SGT C______, if you are the Gail Snyder that is the Executive Director of war dogs then i am talking to the right person. Thank you for the boxes they are great and we are all very thankful. feel free to take any of the pictures from my page that you would like. i will also try and take a few of all the guys here and send them Via e-mail. again thank you very much.

Jeremy C_____

March 3, 2011

Dear Gail,

My name is SSgt C_______ but everyone calls me "CAST" for short. I'm currently deployed to the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. I've been out here for 4 months with my MWD Rinus. We're in the USAF and just wanted to send our personal Thanks for everything you and all the wonderful people of the War Dogs Association are doing for all of the MWD teams that are deployed. We are at FOB (forward operating base) _______ with 6 other MWD teams. We have 1 Navy team, 2 Army teams and 3 AF teams. I will be attaching a coupe of pictures of Rinus and myself and the next time all of our teams are in for training I will be sure to get a picture of all of us to send to you. Thank you again for all the support and everything you do for us!

Guillermo C_______
"Life's tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid."

March 2, 2011

Thank you for the valentines day cards..

All is well here,, cold and raining... everything else pretty routine.

I will be on leave from March 12-April 3 so there will be others geting the mail during that time.


March 4, 2011

Here are a few of the pictures that i have so far, when everyone gets back i will get them all together and get a group photo. Again thank you very much for all that you do for all the dogs teams that have to spend time away from family, and thank you from are four legged parteners as well.

SGT C_____, Jeremy D
U.S. Army

March 5, 2011

Hello Gail:

i thank you again for all that you do it really means the world when you are at a place where you can not get anything for yourself let alone your dog. we are just waitting for one more person to get back to get a group photo. I will send it off as soon as i get it.

Thank You:


March 5, 2011

Thank you again for everything. All the support really means alot to all of us out here. I'm originally from _______ but I'm stationed out at Jacksonville Arkansas. I have a few more pics of Rinus and I out here but as far as the one with all the teams that is going to have to wait. We just haad a MWD go down for a foot injury and he won't be back for a few weeks.

Guillermo C_______

March 5, 2011

Gail, You can continue to send boxes here. They have a new group coming in shortly. We have dog teams coming and going left and right until April. My relief is on his way as well...

The new group falls under TSgt T_______. He'll be the one who is leading the next group of guys and he is my relief. I'm sure they wouldn't mind having a couple packages here and there.

I'll always keep in touch.

Thanks for all your support,


March 4, 2011

Thanks Gail,

Many thanks for the pooper scoopers and the blankets and nail trimmers, thanks Gail so much. I will let you know for sure what happens and how things go for me here. If all goes well, i will be back with Spike in _______ in 2 weeks for work.


February 9, 2011

I read your note and I cannot speak for the others if they recieved them but there have been many changes in staff.

Julio is leaving here in two weeks he is not extending like I am. Johan had a major family emergency and will not return. Tim W_____ May be going to Iraq and Paulo is still with AMK9 but no longer here with us.

Donald L______, Steve D_____, Jakkie M____, Frits S____ and Carlton "Hosea" N_____ are here with me. But may changes are coming. So we are here for now.

The tennis balls will work very well with our Drug detection dog. Our Kennel Master was very thankful for the amount. The tug toys were passed to the other handlers but I picked the prettiest one for the only girl "Azariah" hehehe. I'll attach some pics too. An old one from my previous FOb up north

Iansun "BJ" H_____

February 26, 2011

Thank you so much for the packages. The Dogs love the tennis balls and tug ropes, and the handlers love the red vines. We appreciate everything that you do to help us while we are here. I am hoping to upload some pictures soon. Thanks again for your support.

SSgt D____, Shaun

February 24, 2011


Sorry I'm now just getting back to you. I just got back from R&R. Had an amazing time. :)

So I had a nice little stack of mail that I'm working through and I just wanted to thank you so much for the care package. Not sure if my guys emailed you but want to thank you on their behalf for the packages you sent them as well.

The snow back home was pretty crazy huh? I do not miss the cold or the snow at all! LOL


February 15, 2011

I'm back in Iraq. My leave was short but still very good. Got to spend alot of time with my fam so that was real nice. Thank you for everything! There is nothing that I can think of that we need right now. But we do enjoy your packages!!

Corey M________

February 14, 2011


Your very welcome and big thanks to you and all your staff for everything you all do

The Chewer did not manage to destroy the bone and the handler was very amazed haha. I can't ask for more as you have done the extra and beyond for us here. Everyone now has extra kongs and toys for their dogs thanks to you and your staff.

Spike says hi in his doggie voice, haha... i told him, spike is next to me. I just got done training and Spike is tired now so i have a chance to come online now for a bit. It is 133am and i'm at work all night tonight. We just took a mortar hit a hour ago but nothing major. Same thing everyday i guess and it's normal for us here.

Happy Valentines Days to you and your staff as well. Thanks again and enjoy the Holiday.

Roger & Spike

February 9, 2011


Thanks again for everything. The packages were amazing and they always brought a smile to my face. It was like you knew exactly what I liked and wanted each time a package came...

Thank you again for all your help and support,


February 3, 2011


Thanks again for everything, Yea we got a chewer here and he seems to destroy everything but now it is to the point that no matter what kind of kongs he destroys and he chewed through 3 kennels so now he has a steel kennel. I will get a picture of him in a few days and show him to you. He is a good dog, just a chewer haha.

Say hi to everyone for me and so far i like Union 3 or how they spell it is Union III with the roman numerals haha. I will let the guy know about the kongs and again many thanks as well from everything.

Roger H

February 2, 2011

Subject: K-9 "Darko"

?"Darko" you are in our prayers,, you will be missed here. You made your handler very proud. EOW-03 Feb-2011

David P

We received your package today and it is greatly appreciated!

We were on our last two viles of front line, so we greatly needed it. The dogs will love the toys and the handler will love the snacks! Again thank you so much for your support!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Clint R

January 20, 2011

Hi Gail,

Happy New year to you all there. We have been busy,, Just got your soap box package.. your socks went fast and so did the soap.

It is very cold here now and a few days of lite rain.. we are still hanging in there.. We heard that American K-9 lost (died) two handlers in one week.

We have about 20 people here but I would only send out stuff for about 15 as not everybody uses the stuff you send.. Just trying to save your company some money or send it to somebody that can use it if you know of any.


January 12, 2011

Hey Gail,

Just thought I'd send a pic of Sam with the blanket you sent him. :)


January 1, 2011

Hey Gail,

Received two packages from you today, one for me and one for SGT Alexander. Thanks again so much. Sam dug right into the tennis balls, lol.

Hope all is well,

Take care,


Hey Gail,

Two packages from you came in today; one for SGT E and one for SPC M. Thank you. I just wanted to let you know that SGT E will be leaving here soon so please do not send anything more for him. If anything else for him is on the way, I'll make sure it gets forwarded to him. His replacement came in about a week or two ago. His name is SSG H and his MWD's name is Gina. :) So now, we almost have an all female dog, with the exception of Sam. :)

Thanks again for the support,


January 8, 2011


thanking you for all your dedication and support through these past few months. We all start heading home shortly and it is going to be nice to get back home and see my daughter. She'll be graduating High School and has been accepted into State University. I am very proud of her and can't wait to be there to see her off.

Thank you again for all you have done for us.



January 4, 2011

Gail Snyder

Thank you for the care packages, just sending you this email to confirm that we did in deed recieve it and we bothloved it. Thanks again and we both appreciate it, when I get some down time this week I will email you some pics of Red and me.

Zane and Red

January 4, 2011


hi Gail and happy new years. I am doing ok just got half ways with my travels. I am morning a good friend who made it into the 1st of January and passed away. He was like a brother to me and now he's gone. It is part of life i guess. I hope your new years was better than mine. I will be going on leave tomorrow morning, and i will be back at the end of this month. I already moved my dog to the new location and all my gear. It has been a very stressful last 2 months for me and this week alone with the loss of a great brother i enjoyed working with and being friends with, now just a bit more stressful is all. I appreciate all the help and everything you have done for me. I never got the chance to really thank my friend before he passed away due to my being in Iraq and travels and now its too late. Thank you Gail, and all your support and all your peoples support and all you have done. I am really grateful and appreciate everything.


January 1, 2011

Why thank you very much, and DJ is a Mal!

And you have some beautiful children as well, I love Rotts! (and you're a looker yourself)

I will get some more photos to you as soon as I get the usb cord for my camera!!!!!


December 21, 2010

Hey there, just thought I'd share a picture of Sam and I in our Christmas hats. Happy Holidays!


December 21, 2010


Merry Christmas. Thank you for the packages. They are all so good, every time from you

TSgt _____ has gone home, so you don't have to send him anymore packages. We all start leaving in Feb and I leave in March, just letting you know.

Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year


I am still stuck in Bucca, long story but i just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and everyone there.


Hello Gail,

First off, Merry Christmas! We got your package today. It was such a morale booster to get a package on Christmas Day. Brit and I loved everything that you sent us. The doggy blanket is just what he needed. The dog rope is massive! It will take him a long time to chew that up, lol and the dog treats too. The thermometer is exactly what I needed too. And the cigars were a nice touch as well. I will be sending pictures as soon as my wife sends me my camera. I also nocited that you are from the Bay Area. I am stationed at Travis AFB. Just getting something from the Bay Area really made me happy. Well i hope that you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


Robert and Brit

December 25, 2010

Gail, Hi, sorry its been a rough ride so far.. i am demobilizing this FOB and we are out of here in a few days.. i will be gone on vacation soon after so i may not be to the new site until the end of january. I have a few things still to do here and sanitize before i leave out of here. Hope your holidays have been great. Thanks Gail and i will email you when i get back into country.


December 17, 2010

Hi Penny, Gail and Claudia

My name is David, I am with VCSI K-9 over here in Kandahar Afghanistan. Gail Snyder with War dog associations sent us some care packages to us here and your holiday cards were inside the boxes.. I was able to distribute all of them to all the handlers. It definitely put a smile on there face as some do not have family here.. In return it brought a smile to my face that myself and Gail was able to achieve such happiness for them. amongst the boxes were treats for us and balls and tug toys for our dogs,, It was a great gift along with another Christmas card personally from Gail to all of us as well. It brought some joy to our section and I can still hear the wrappers crumpling as these guys are reading your card(s)..

We have one injured dog this week, His name is "Darko" he has a problem in the past of getting so excited that he smashes his tail on the kennel walls as he spins around. Unfortunately this time he really did a number on it and we had to amputate it. Now "Darko" is continually agitating it and keeps re-opening the stitches.. We almost lost him the other night as he almost bled out from his wound. Hopefully our new sleeping arrangements with Dog Handler Del will improve his chances by keeping a close eye on him as "Darko" and Del are now bunk bed buddies. Maybe a prayer or two to St. Francis of Assisi will help as well.

The good news is last night we got to go to the center of camp and the USO club had flown in some comedians and entertainers for us.. There was Lance Armstrong from the Tour De France, Robbins Williams, Brooks and Dunn, Lewis Black and a female comedian that was funnier than all of them I thought.. Along with them was a couple that was the Admiral of our US military wish us the best as well. We had a great time and laughed a lot.. It was a good week so far with your gifts and cards along with last nights show.. This month has actually been pretty lucky.. I think we only had one rocket attack so far.. The news paper says that it's to cold for the enemy to be wondering around in our current -2F weather here, but rest assured they will be back in Spring. So hopefully for the next few months we will be a little safer thanks to the cold weather. I think it's funny that they are seasonal terrorist here. I have never heard of such hard core terrorist like them before. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Well I better get to bed soon and get my gear ready, tomorrow is another big day. We have vendors that come on base and try to sale us all types of junk... Well, some things are neat, but most of it is imitation products. They come on base and set up a little camp,, It is called the Bazaar here,, You guys might know it better as a Swap Meet. Well K-9 has to search the vehicles and the area they set up in for any explosives. Maybe I can find myself some good imitation gloves, until my girlfriend sends me my real ones..

Happy holidays

David and "Damnit"

Oh I forgot the most important part. Her name is Azariah. (Hebrew for Guardian angel) 2 year old Dual purpose GSD. Very social and great detection dog. In my other life I was a police officer up the road from you in the Medford Oregon Area and was K-9 handler there for almost 10 years. My old LT was retired from Milpitas PD. So I know your area farely well. Again thank you for all that you do and if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask. My 4 kids would love to help USWDA in anyway. Take care Gail, and thank you for your picture. Gotta love tthe Rotties!!! German or American? They look to be very stout.

December 16, 2010

Thank you for the care package you sent. Means a lot to us. I attached a picture of us.

Iansun "BJ" Hyrst

December 4, 2010


First off thank you so much for the care package. My goof ball of a dog will enjoy the toys. I've included a picture of Kanjer and myself. Hes a german wired haired pointer. He just turned 4 in November so he still has a lot of youthful energy in him. Were stationed down at Eglin AFB Florida. Once again thanks for the care package and thanks for what you all do.

Jeremy SSgt, USAF
Military Working Dog Handler

December 4, 2010


We received your packages today, again...thank you very much. Sam destroyed that huge tennis ball you sent in like ten minutes, lol. And by the way.....that is the biggest D-Ring I have ever seen in my life. LOL!

Attached is a photo of Sam and I from Thanksgiving. I guess they had some random guys dress up as Indians and walk around the chow hall where Sam and I happened to be doing sweeps at.

Take care,


November 30, 2010

Hey Gail,

Just wanted to let you know that I am back in Afghan as of yesterday.. Looks like we have some new handlers in and some handlers that left while I was on vacation. I will update you a list.

"Damnit" is fat and she misses me very much. She will be getting her exercise again soon.


November 30, 2010

Gail, thank you so much for everything you do for us.

We actually got an electric turkey fryer and fried a turkey and got some side dishes from the chow hall... It was really good. We are going to try the same for Christmas. I have bought a Santa Suit and going to dress up as Santa and hand out gifts... LOL. I think it will be AWESOME! I will send you a couple pictures of me as santa. haha


November 29, 2010

Gail, it is always a joy to receive another package from you! Duco and I have been busy as of late; rest assured we are fine. Duco always enjoys a special treat sent from you upon our return and plenty of chew toys.

Gail you are truly a blessing

Take care your friend


November 27, 2010

Gail Snyder,

I am SGT -------. I recieved a box from you not to long ago, Thank You.

You had asked me my MWD's name, and his name is Bentley.

Attached is a couple of pisc of Bentley that have been taken since we have been here.

We both thank you for your support.

November 25, 2010

Hello Gail,

I wanted to get an email to you thanking you for the care packages you recently sent to us here at Bagram AB, Afghanistan. All the handlers and dogs are very appreciative. We love getting packages from organizations like yours and others. It is always such an encouragement to know that someone, other than our families back in the states, actually cares about what we're doing over here. Iva and I are stationed out of Columbus AFB, MS. Iva will turn 4 this March. She's a Patrol/Explosive dog and she's great. I've included a picture of her. All the ones I have of the two of us are fuzzy due to my camera taking a blow. Thank you for doing what you do and please continue.


SSgt Benjamin and MWD Iva

November 25, 2010

Hey Gail,

Well I heard throught the grapevine that his package got returned. Not sure what happened since he is still here. All I can say is check the address and try again. It was undoubtedly a problem with the carrier. We ended up having a good Thanksgiving dinner with fried turkey. I gave Iva a nice beef bone to knaw on.


November 22, 2010

Hello Gail,

I wanted to get an email to you thanking you for the care packages you recently sent to us here at Bagram AB, Afghanistan. All the handlers and dogs are very appreciative. We love getting packages from organizations like yours and others. It is always such an encouragement to know that someone, other than our families back in the states, actually cares about what we're doing over here. Iva and I are stationed out of Columbus AFB, MS. Iva will turn 4 this March. She's a Patrol/Explosive dog and she's great. I've included a picture of her. All the ones I have of the two of us are fuzzy due to my camera taking a blow. Thank you for doing what you do and please continue.


SSgt Benjamin and MWD Iva

November 20, 2010

Hello Gail, we have received your package. Let me start by saying thank you very much. We greatly appreciate everything. TTaylor loves her treats and toys. Those ear cleaning wipes are great, I cant even begin to explain how much i need to clean her ears out here with all the dust. I dont really have any special request, anything sent is appreciated and will be well used. I will send you some pictures of us soon, i need to get back to my other base where i have internet connection for my personal computer so i load them from my memory card. Government computers dont allow us to put memory cards in. So when i get back there probably the First week of December i will send them. Once again TTaylor and I thank you for all the support.

Sincerley, Tom and TTaylor

November 20, 2010

Hello !!!

hi sweetie,, WOW ! what can i say,,, your parcel arrived to me today !! it did put a smile on my face.. thank you,, its now open and in the corridor near our notice board where things like that go,, with a notice telling all that its from you,, i was like Christmas opening it so ,, thank you,, it was nice,,, sorry i haven�t been in touch, I�ve been on night shift,, I�ve tried a couple of times to send a photo of me,, im sure im doing something wrong, lol,, ill get there though,, meanwhile, you�ll just have to imagine how hansom i am lol,,, keep in touch,,

love to you,,

Don xx

November 20, 2010


i did email you to thank you for the 2 parcels .specialy the one you sent to me,, alls well here and iv settled in well, we have had a couple of staff resign, so the work load has increased. but sometimes that�s not a bad thing as day rolls into another, and its a day closer to holiday time,, im almost a my halfway mark, 11 more weeks and I�m homeward bound .. I�ve tried a couple of times to send photos to you but they keep failing,, ill try again,, i think i have to catch the internet here at quiet times,,, so,, how�s you ? and the kiddies ??

Don x

November 20, 2010

Hi, Gail, wanted to let you know that i have received your package and once again would like to thank you and let you know how much i appreciate what you do for me and the countless others that you take care of while over seas. You wouldn't know other than what i tell you but Grek appreciates you to. Once again


November 17, 2010

Hey Josh just called me! He got your box :D He said thank you so much!!

November 14, 2010

Thanks for the spices Gail. They were more than enough. We'll have left overs for the next rotation that falls into place. LOL... Also, thanks for sending the guys packages too. They were all surprised when they had packages sitting here for them. LOL..

Thanks again and I owe you big for that one.

November 12, 2010


Thanks so much from Afghanistan, the care packages came in today and were great. The morale here was boosted greatly. With the arrival of these packages we are now more than good with the amount of dog and people goodies and are running out of room for food stuffs...thanks so much!! Ron did get the leashes and harnesses out here and just in time. We have two US dogs and one UAE dog and the UAE handler is so amazed at the amount of support the US handlers get. I tell them that there is much love for US War dogs. Even the non-dog handler guys out here are amazed at the amount of mail I get here and they also say thanks so much for the human treats. For now we are good on the food and personal hygine supplies so more like that can wait for a few months. Again we all love the packages and morale is better thanks to you and all the others at the US War Dog Assn. Please pass on our most heart felt thanks and sloppy dog kisses from the puppies.


SSG Robert C.

November 6, 2010


There is one thing I need. Season all. This is the only thing I have been craving. We have small BBQ's and don't have any seasonings. LOL. Season all, garlic powder, onion powder. Those are the three spices I use when cooking...

These would be AWESOME. Thank you so much.

November 5, 2010

Hi Gail,

I'm sorry its been so long since I have written. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the package. It came at the perfect time. I was feeling a little down and then I get this package and WHAM--RED VINES. yeah-yummy.... LOL... I am going to try the pics again... Let me know if you see them...

Just walking- is me with MWD Rico. He is escorting me back to the car. LOL

Decoy Wiechec--I'm catching our big black shep here.


November 5, 2010


We appreciate all the goodies. The guys here don't like red vines like I do though... LOL... The Kennel master (KM) doesn't have a dog. He's the boss and I am second...

Thank you for all your support. You keep me smiling...


November 5, 2010

LOL. I will send some pictures your way when I get them of all the dog teams. It is rainy here, so no one wants to go out and do anything. LOL