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Photo Gallery USWDA, Chapter 1

The 341st Training Squadron, formerly known as the DoD Military Working Dog (MWD) school, is located at Lackland AFB, TX.

The mission of the 341st TRS is to train handlers and dogs for war and for use in the maintenance of peace.

The 341TRS provides basic working dog handler instruction to over 525 students annually. Additionally, they train over 300 working dogs for all of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Its four major sections provide logistic, dog training, handler training and medical support to the entire DoD.

The Dog Training Section trains and certifies over 185 explosive detector dogs a year. These dogs are trained in various patrol and explosive detection skills. These working dogs are then shipped worldwide to support the global DoD mission.

The Handlers Course trains over 425 Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine students annually. Additionally they train over 85 Patrol and Drug detector dogs a year. These highly skilled personnel and working dogs are shipped worldwide to support the global DoD mission.

The Supervisors Course gives advanced training and management skills to over 100 Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine students a year.

The Logistics Flight is responsible for shipping and tracking all DoD MWD's worldwide.

The Federal Aviation Administration Support Branch trains over 34 students and 45 Explosive detection dogs a year.

The Department of Defense Military Working Dog Veterinary Services provides comprehensive medical care for working dogs assigned to the MWD Training School at Lackland AFB. The unit conducts medical and behavioral evaluation of MWD Candidates, referral and consultation services for the worldwide MWD program. The unit also maintains a records repository for all deceased MWD's. role in peacekeeping missions throughout the world. Missions to Grenada, Panama, and Bosnia, as well as Desert Storm, were all supported by a K9 force. The peace-time mission of the MWD includes drug intervention along our southern boarders and U.S. Secret Service support for VIP protection utilizing our Drug Detector and Explosive Detector dogs, respectively.