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1. Download the MWD Adoption Application. Available as a PDF file .

2. Complete the application and send via EMAIL ONLY to the email address listed on the application.

Some things to be aware of regarding adoptions:


Please be aware that The United States War Dogs Association Inc. Chapter 1 Western Region does NOT arrange the actual adoptions - this is done by the military. You must fill out the adoption application above and email it to the address listed on the application.


The actual adoption does not cost anything, however, you will be signing papers that you will assume full responsibility for the dog, including all medical care, training and food. The military will not assume any responsibility for the dog after the adoption is completed, so please make sure you are in the financial postiion to provide all these things.

US War Dogs Chapter 1 unfortunately CANNOT provide any assistance for veterinary care, care and comfort items, funeral expenses, travel or relocation expenses or food for adopted MWDs.

The Canine Members Of The Armed Forces Act passed two years ago and one of its provisions was to help pay for retired Military Working Dog medical expenses, but unfortunately this has not happened yet, so all veterinary care is still your responsibility. You should receive the dog's medical records to take to your veterinarian. Please be sure you get these records prior to leaving with your newly adopted dog – they MUST give them to you by law.

There is a special program that has been implemented by the national chapter of US War Dogs that can help with veterinary prescription costs and mobility devices (dog wheelchairs). If you have adopted a military working dog, you may apply for assistance for veterinary prescription medications (no over the counter medicines) and dog wheelchairs by filling out an application and returning it along with a copy of the official adoption paperwork for your retired MWD and mail it to the address listed on the application.

Please be aware that applying for assistance is not an automatic guarantee that you receive it.

This program is for veterinary prescriptions and dog mobility devices ONLY. US War Dogs Chapter 1 does not administer this program and is not responsible for the application process or for any changes to or termination of the program.

The medications provided by Curexa Pharmacy are entirely their decision based on cost and availability. If the pharmacy does not have or will not cover a certain medication, even if they covered it previously, then it will be the responsibility of the adopter to obtain and pay for that particular medication. US War Dogs Chapter 1 has no control over Curexa pharamcy's prescription coverage or any changes they might make in the future.

Forms are here: Prescription Form and Wheelchair Form.


Your retired MWD is not considered a service or therapy animal unless you actually have them undergo the training and meet the requirements to have them designated as such. This means that you cannot bring the dog into restaurants, stores, places of employment, etc. that a service dog would have access to. Unfortunately, some people have been under the impression that a retired MWD has been assigned some sort of special public status, but that is not the case.

They are canine military veterans who, when legislation is finally implemented, will eventually be given much more support after retirement, but until then they are just very special dogs who deserve be loved and spoiled for the rest of their lives!

Military Working Dog Certificate of Meritorious Service

With the Canines Members of the Armed Forces act passing and sign by the President on 03 January 2013, the Military is now issuing to our Military Working Dogs a Military Working Dog Certificate of Meritorious Service.

Anyone who adopted a MWD should contact the unit where they adopted their dog to see about obtaining a Certificate.


General MWD Adoption Information

MWD Adoption Reality Checklist

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