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Meet US War Dogs Chapter 1 Spokesman Jon Provost!

Jon Provost starred as Timmy on "Lassie" from 1957-1964. As an adult, his lifelong love of dogs has made him an advocate for many animal causes including Canine Companions for Independence, no kill shelters, low cost spay and neutering and fighting the Korean dog meat trade. Jon became fascinated with war dogs after learning from a Vietnam veteran what happened to their dogs. That soldier was able to save only a few. Now we can save thousands. Jon has tremendous admiration for military canine teams. He understands the human/canine bond better than most. He is strongly opposed to canine teams being separated after service or soldiers being denied the chance to adopt their team dog after retirement.
Jon is proud of the work the teams do. He would like to extend his gratitude and thanks to USWDA#1 and to all war dogs everywhere.

If you are a currently deployed MWD Handler in need of assistance, please contact Director Gail Snyder via the contact form on this web site.

All Handlers currently being supported by US War Dogs - please notify us immediately if you go on R&R or are reassigned so as to avoid package delays and missed shipments.

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