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How to Help

➤ Need the physical ability to lift at least 50 lbs and walk and carry packages averaging 20 lbs each
➤ Ability to read and write the English language
➤ General math skills and ability to convert weight units (ounces to lbs)
➤ General knowledge of all branches of the military and military abbreviations
➤ Skilled at completing USPS Declaration 2976A Forms.
➤Hours per week: average 20
➤ LOCAL applicants only – Contra Costa County/Alameda County/East Bay area.

➤ Good interpersonal skills and ability to deal with people who are hosting fundraisers for USWDA#1.
➤ Constant monitoring of each and every fundraising organizer before, during and after their event to benefit USDWA#1.
➤ Must be able to respond to inquires and questions within 48 hours.
➤ Review and correct all press and publicity materials generated for the fundraiser for accuracy about USWDA#1
➤ Knowledge of copyright infringement and trademark protections
➤ General knowledge of all branches of the military
➤ Knowledge of USWDA#1 and our mission plus advanced knowledge about U.S. Military Working Dogs and their Handlers and their specific needs while deployed.
➤ Coordinate and ensure delivery of all item and monetary donations to proper locations.
➤ Will need a personal computer (not access from Public Library) to have available for use.
➤ Must have a phone and be reasonably reachable
➤ Hours per week: 20 plus or minus depending on how many fundraising events are in progress.
➤ Position open nationwide, however because of time differences, that will add to the number of hours per week. Local in the State of California preferred.

➤ Superior writing skills and mastery of the English language
➤ Knowledge of USWDA#1 and our mission
➤ Knowledge of all branches of the military and U.S. Military War Dogs
➤ Ability to research and successfully follow through with applications and ultimate dispositions of Grants
➤ Computer skills a must. Will need a personal computer (not access from Public Library) to have available for use.
➤ Hours per week: at least 10-12 hrs needed for each Grant.
➤ Expectations – 1 successfully written Grant per week.
➤ Position open nationwide.

If you are interested in applying for any of the volunteer positions above, please email Gail Snyder at gail@chapter1.uswardogs.org to request a volunteeer application. Please note that all applicants MUST pass a criminal background check prior to being accepted for a volunteer position with US War Dogs.


Although items are constantly needed, one of the biggest expenses is the postage for mailing the care packages overseas.

The military does not pay for postage nor does the government, post office or any other mail carrier (FedEX, UPS, DHL, etc.) subsidize any mailing costs to ship care packages to our troops.

Our projected mailing costs for 2014 will be at least $100,000.

Please consider a cash donation to help cover postage costs. Our canine and human soldiers thank you!

Send a cash donation via Paypal (you can make a credit card donation even if you don't have a Paypal account)

Car/RV/Motorcycle/Boat Donation - click on the Red Heart
contact Car Donation Services directly in Martinez, CA by calling 888-686-4483/(925)-229-5444

CHECK by mail: make payable to: USWDA Chapter 1 and mail it to USWDA Chapter 1 Attn: Gail Snyder, P.O. Box 356, Pinole, CA 94564.

Now you can buy or sell on eBay and support our servicemen and women and our military working dogs through  eBay Giving Works. You can give when you buy items that have designated part or all of the sale price to the The United States War Dogs Association Inc. Chapter 1 or simply buy anything on eBay.com and donate to the  organization when you check out. You can even make a direct Paypal donation to help our troops. Click here for more information, and help a hero today!

Introducing CAMO K9™, a custom designed jewelry line created to benefit The United States War Dogs Association Inc. Chapter 1 Western Region. All proceeds are donated to OPERATION MILITARY CARE K9.

Click here for more information.

*Leave a gift of a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the assets in your WILL to USWDA Chapter 1.
*Consider using assets for your charitable gift. These include, but are not limited to, Cash, Stocks & Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, Real Estate, Vehicles, art & jewelry. Such gifts may even provide Estate Tax Savings.
*Name USWDA Chapter 1 as the beneficiary of your Pension plan or IRA.
*Purchase a new Life Insurance Policy naming USWDA Chapter 1as the beneficiary.
*Name USWDA Chapter 1 as the beneficiary of an existing Life Insurance Policy.
*Remember loved ones with Memorial Gifts to USWDA Chapter 1.
*Encourage family and friends to leave gifts to USWDA Chapter 1 in their WILLS.
*Ask your Financial Advisor to discuss charitable giving to USWDA Chapter 1 as part of their counsel to clients.

If you wish to host a Fundraising Event to help US War Dogs Chapter 1 and Operation Military Care K9, please thoroughly review our fundraiser guidelines and then fill out and return the fundraiser application to us prior to planning your event as all third party fundraisers must be approved in advance.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to have fundraiser organizers follow our item donation guidelines, we have received many, many pounds of items which have been soiled, used, restricted or expired that we had to dispose of at our own expense (not even our local shelters would accept these items!)

We will NO LONGER accept any item donations unless they (a) are ordered according to our item guidelines and restrictions and sent in new condition DIRECTLY from the manufacturer or distributor or (b) from our Amazon Wish List.

If you are a business/store and wish to make an item donation, please contact Gail Snyder at 510-417-1794

Unfortunately, due to the high cost of shipping items overseas, we cannot cover mailing costs to get the donated items to US War Dogs Chapter 1. Shipping costs must be covered by the donor.

Please be advised as of May 15, 2013 the military will no longer accept drop shipping/vendor direct shipping for deployed personnel. All packages and customs forms must be filled out and sent individually.

Because of a current volunteer shortage, we regret that we do not have the capability of picking up items locally at this time.

For indiviuals who would like to make item donations: Please be advised that all product donations must be purchased and then shipped directly from the retailer/distributor to US War Dogs. This ensures that items are properly sealed and packed to withstand shipping stress.

Due to the recent horrifying influx of soiled, broken and dangerous donation items (See Donation List of Horrors), we regretfully can no longer accept single item donations mailed or dropped off from individual donors.

If you would like to make a direct shipment donation to US War Dogs Chapter 1 and have not done so before, please review our Informational Booklet on Operation Military Care K9 and then you may review our needed item list. If you plan to make a donation, please contact Gail Snyder at gail@chapter1.uswardogs.org to receive instructions on where to have the items shipped from the retailer/distributor you are purchasing from.

We now have an Amazon Wish List! If you would like to make an item donation, you may purchase items for donation and they will be sent directly to US War Dogs. Please remember to include your name and address when sending a wish list donation so we can provide a tax receipt for you.

For a general list of needed items Click here

If you are interested in adopting a Retired Military Working Dog (MWD), go to the K9 Adoption link and click on the links for information on how to get an application. If you need assistance or clarification on how this process works, contact Gail Snyder email gail@chapter1.uswardogs.org or call (510) 417-1794.