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Gail Snyder (Von Aspern) was selected to receive a Jefferson Award on March 7, 2011 for her dedication and commitment to providing support for the U.S. Military Working Dogs and their handlers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other overseas locations. The award presentation, an interview with Ms. Snyder, an interview with Earl Staples (dog trainer during World War II), and a K9/handler care parcel packing demonstration will be presented on KPIX Channel 5 at the following times:

-Wednesday April 13 during the 6 o'clock newscast
-Thursday April 14 during the noon newscast
-Saturday April 16 during the CBS 5 Early Edition program

The presentation will also be played on KCBS radio (740 AM and 106.9 FM) on:
-Wednesday April 13 at 6:50 pm, 9:40 pm, and 11:50 pm, and on
-Sunday April 17 AT 11:50 am and 3:50 pm.

The video can also be viewed at at any time after 7:00 pm on April 13.

Ms. Snyder lives and works in the Pinole-Hercules area of West Contra Costa County, and is a Licensed Private Investigator. She is the Executive Director of Chapter 1 – Western Region of the U.S. War Dogs Association (

During 2010, Ms. Snyder was personally responsible for mailing over 1,300 care packages to K9/handler teams protecting the lives of American soldiers in dangerous war assignments. The goals of the U.S. War Dogs Association are:
1. Education - With the use of their Traveling U.S. War Dog Exhibit, bring the history of all U.S. Military War Dogs from all wars to the general public.
2. War Dog Memorial - Help raise funds to establish permanent War Dog Memorials.
3. K-9 Corps Commemorative Stamp Drive – Collect signatures to petition the Postal Service to issue a commemorative stamp for all Military Working Dogs.
4. National Memorial - Help to establish a National War Dog Memorial in Washington, DC.
5. Support - Conduct fund raising for service dog organizations such as Military Working Dogs, Law Enforcement K-9 units, and Search and Rescue units.
6. K-9 Adoption - Help in the process of adopting retiring Military and Police Canines.
7. After-care Support - Post-deployment outreach for returning troops.

For more information, please contact Gail Snyder at (510) 417-1794.


Wednesdays on Eyewitness News a 6PM April 13, 2011

Thursdays on Eyewitness News at Noon April 14, 2011

Saturdays on CBS5 Early Edition mornings April 16, 2011

(times vary-check listings)

and always on www.

..on KCBS ALL NEWS 740AM and FM 106.9

Wednesdays at 6:50PM, 9:40PM, 11:50PM April 13, 2011

Sundays at 11:50AM, 3:50PM April 17, 2011

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