Impossible to believe items that were donated for our Military Working Dogs and their Handlers

Old Magazines

A box of over 100 lbs of magazines that are older than most of the Handlers and ALL of the MWDs.

Dog Treats made with Chicken Manure

Would you feed your dogs chicken doo-doo?

Expired Candy

Donated 7 months after the expiration date.

Used Baby Wipes

Open package that was dried out

Dog Toy keychain NOT meant for Dogs

The MWD got hold of it and shredded it. He could have choked on the metal parts.

Other Shameful Donations

- Damaged open packages
- Dog food cans that had expired 4 years ago
- Soiled adult diapers
- Unsealed liquids that leaked inside the box

Some people apparently think that these US soldiers should be grateful for anything sent. Please do not donate broken, damaged, soiled or expired items.


Recalled Dog Treats

China made dog treats that caused hundreds of dog deaths including several military working dogs.

Expired Prescription Medication

Illegal and Dangerous.

Open baby powder bottles

With the Anthrax scares, any loose powder is considered a terrorist threat risk.